Christmas 2013 ?

hi everyone. i couldn't find a thread so thought i would ask here ....

has anyone thought about christmas yet? have you started christmas shopping ? have you got a budget? do you stick to your budget ? do you save throughout the year? how much do you spend per child (or family member) and how old are they ?

i've got a 4 year old (5 in jan) and baby is due the beginning of dec .. we wont be buying much for the baby maybe a few toys age range of newborn to 12 months and some clothes ... they will both have a small stocking each.... our LO im aiming at £200 maximum he will also have some clothes .... im interested to find out how all you other mummies and daddies plan for christmas ... and if you have a budget or not ... i have already got some christmas presents none cost the RRP .... i need to start getting organised for christmas but im not sure where to start .... any advice/tips is much appreciated
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    Xmas Saver!

    We have weekly tasks on here to help everyone stay organised.
    Come join in .:D
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    I'm afraid that DS gets one present from us and if its over £30 I grumble!

    No doubt when he gets more demanding the amount will creep up.

    I'm budgeting £10 for friends, £20 for family and £5 for the kids. I bought lots on sale in January which helps me to stick to this.
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  • Yep. I've done mine for my parents & sister back in Australia. £20 each for them, got my sisters present last month and my parent's a few weeks ago.

    Posting them this week surface mail as it's a lot cheaper than air mail, the cut off date is the 30th of Sept so that's why I've done it already.

    I'm due my 1st baby any day now, so for our sake more than the baby's we'll just buy some baby's for xmas kind of presents, small toys etc. More about taking photos on xmas morning as a family for the 1st time for us.

    I'm also budgeting about £10 for friends as well, I tend to look online now for sales and then stick pressies away as well as getting a few bday pressies sorted at the same time. I made some small gifts last year, like sweet bags and hot chocolate mixes, you can buy them from the shop so thought I may as well make them and it be personalised. Found the gift tags online etc, was actually quite fun.
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  • I have made a start on mine. I have one daughter and she doesn't have a budget as such but everything I do buy is on offer. I also set a £10 budget for other people, it doesn't sound much but again I don't pay full price for anything and search for discount codes etc so its pretty do able. I don't save throughout the year (although I really should) but i do collect supermarket saving stamps so we can do a good big shop in december with extra treats and goodies :) x
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  • I've got a nearly three and a nearly one year old, so I can get away with mainly second hand stuff this year.
    The toddler is getting a elc castle with figures etc I got for £15 on ebay, along with 3 fancy dress costumes I got for £2 each at a table top sale. The baby is getting an activity table for £5 from a charity shop although he's spoilt with that as our house looks like toys r us as it is!
  • My kids will be nearly 1 and just turned 2 this Xmas. Because of their age we open them slowly in the morning and play with everything as we open them. My partner and I do stockings for each other with "rules" (like 'something musical', 'something for the family', something that reminds me if you'). We decided last year we'd keep the stockings until the evening when kids are in bed so there's something to look forward to in the evening for us after kids are asleep z
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    Shopping for the kids (6 months and 17 months) is pretty much done - bought the eldest Happyland stuff from Early Learning while it was on 20% off (finishes on the 3rd October) - younger one is getting stuff they can both use like bath toys so she'll have stuff to open but not just get us inundated with toys for an age range we already have fairly well covered. Got some books still to buy, and possibly one more thing for the youngest, some nice new PJs for wearing Christmas Eve so they're dressed in something nice on Chrismas morning and they're sorted... nieces and nephews are sorted out. Just have hubby and my parents and brother to do - brother's present is frantically getting crocheted at the moment at his request.

    Got to do an early Christmas for grandparents who are going away as well so on a shorter deadline for some presents than others.
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    Hi, I have an 8 year old and a four year old. I save £60 a month which covers all my Christmas shopping. I buy for two neices & one nephew, my inlaws, my brother and his family. I usually start squirrelling stuff away from the January sales onwards. I try to not buy anything at full RRP.

    There are quite a few groups on FB that help you find bargains of all sorts.

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    we're expecting our first baby so can I join in here?

    I have started saving £75 per month to cover Christmas/ birthdays/travel/events through the year. I have only just started this but will definitely be carrying it on as we go past this Christmas as I will be on maternity leave for 6 months next year :)

    Budget wise: I buy for my family (mum, dad and brother) plus bf and he buys for his tribe plus me (although I sneak in extras for his lot hehe).
    Budgets: £25 per adult plus a treat for each household (box of chocs from an offer usually) £75 each. £35 contribution to my parents for food and treats plus a fruit cake decorated and a Yule log, bf's parents also get a decorated cake of choice :)

    Next year baby will be nearing 9 months so will get maybe £50 spent, mostly on clothes, from us.

    I have started picking up bits here and there and am well on my way with everyone's gifts except bf's!
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    Our baby will be almost 5 months at Christmas and like a pp said, we are buying for us to see him open things more than for him. He won't understand what's going on but I can wait for him to have his presents. His main gift is a ball pit and balls and then getting small bits like bath toys and books. I'm soooo excited!!
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