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    Voip is very patchy. You usually have to wait a minute or so for the line to settle before you can start a conversation, then it's fine. Other times the person you are calling can't hear you at all and you have to give up.

    This is with Voip to landline calls.
  • Has anyone else had problems with voipstunt?

    Returned from holiday recently to discover my credit had been used up. Strange phone calls to Uganda! Queried this with voipstunt who merely said to change my password and they do not do refunds.
    My system is pretty well protected so I find it hard to believe my username and password were hacked from my end.

    So, I changed password and put another £10 on my credit. Next thing I know is I cannot log in, getting error 6,2 (username password incorrect) Went to the page to have my password emailed to me and filled that is. Absolutely nothing from them Have tried that about 5 times now - still nothing.

    Now comes the catch 22. To raise an issue with them, you have to fill in your username and password - which don't work. There is no other way to contact them. No phone number, no email, zilch. Only an postal address in Luxembourg, like that's going to help.

    A quick Internet trawl reveals that I am not the only one to have had mysterious calls to Uganda on my account. Make what you will of that.

    My advice - stay well clear of any of the companies that the parent company (Dellmont Sarl I think) runs - there is a whole bunch of them all offering the same thing and working exactly the same way (voipcheap being but one). You'll know them because the websites look remarkably similar.

    I just have to write off the loss I guess, and I've signed up with Hostcomm instead, who offer a pretty good deal, especially on calls to mobiles, and respond immediately to emails quickly.
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    Whenever someone pops up saying they recommend or are about to try out a Betamax group VOIP product, I pop up and warn them.
    I do this due to an unsatisfactory experience years ago, and lack of evidence that anything has changed about their 'marketing technique'.
    Betamax brands are endlessly renamed (you can guess why). Won't be long now before Betamax renames itself.
  • Yeah, Betamax is the name I was trying to think of (at least it isn't VHS). The worrying thing is that I think Martin is still recommending them.
  • Hi folks

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but didn't know where to post.

    I have been searching with no luck for a voip provider who will provide a virtual number for Guernsey (channel islands). In theory
    it should be possible as it's an 01481 uk area code.

    I know it's a long shot but any ideas who might provide one or is anyone already using one?

    Otherwise I have to pay over the odds for a virtual office which I don't need.
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    I have not checked but sipgate offer UK regional area numbers, I have used one for several years, there is no charge for the number but if you want to use the line for outgoing calls you need to credit your account with a tenner.
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    According to Wikipedia, Orange is doing away with it's VOIP 2nd line in Sept.
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    Has anyone tried the DialNow VoIP service? Their rates seem incredibly cheap at 0.1 eurocents a minute to both UK landlines and mobiles.
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    Not ANOTHER Betamax clone. I suggest you read some of the dissatisfied/defrauded posts passim on anything to do with Betamax VOIP
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    We have VoIP, every now and again we seem to have issues with call connections,
    At times when we dial number there is no sound on our line but it has connected through to the person we are dialong
    Another issue is that at times someone phones us, on answering there is a dead line, the caller has been connected but can't hear us.

    We are connecting through a dect cordless phone via an adaptor. Do you think this would be improved if we used a corded handset or a different cordless phone?
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