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Hi I am in urgent need of advice and/or tips. Long story so please bear with me...

I have been married for just over two years and have recently had a baby. When I was pregnant we moved to a bigger home with a huge mortgage (about £900 per month). It was more than doable on both of our salaries, however to mortgage is only in my name due to husbands credit rating.
During pregnancy it was a joint decision for me to give up work to take care of our child. So I handed in my notice and am currently 'working' (on mat leave) my notice. My car is a company car so that will be going back in the next couple of weeks. The mortgage was still doable on husbands salary.

Anyhow... Last week my husband announced that he no longer wanted to live with me and would like a divorce.

So basically I am stuck with no job, a huge mortgage and no car. Oh and a 4 month old baby.

I currently have £2k in the bank so am ok for the next 6-8 weeks. But after that I am up the proverbial without a paddle.

Im sure I could pick up a little job, but then I'll have to worry about the cost of childcare.

Any tips / advice would be most welcome.


  • Can you rescind your notice first thing tomorrow?
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  • Thank you for replying :)

    I tried that on Friday - they said no because they have already filled the position.

  • These are the things I have done for a little extra £££ so far...

    Joined quidco
    written to baby food companies advising of my dilema, a couple have sent me some money off coupons and Ella's kitchen kindly sent a couple of samples.
    Sold a load my clothes, babys toys and clothes etc on eBay / facebook.
    Cancelled Sky.
  • I think that is going to be piecemeal; you need to go see your mortgage company and see what your options are. How did you get a mortgage in one name but based on two salaries?
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  • Natwest didnt base it on two salaries. We did. They said I could afford it on my salary on my own (only just!) but we as a couple decided that we could afford it between the pair of us. Does that make sense?
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    Have you and your husband discussed maintenance? You could probably do with visiting the CAB and discussing options with them. They will be able to help you with benefits and suggestions and help for contacting the mortgage company. Maybe they will allow you to go interest only until you can find work?

    Must seem very daunting at the moment but there are ways around it and I'm sure with a new baby this is feeling awful.

    Do you have other debts? People on here will be great at helping with budgeting but you need to sort the benefits and notify the mortgage company as soon as possible.

    Good luck
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    Hi Julie - thank you for the reply.

    I havent got any other debts. And i dont think I will be entitled to any benefits for a while as I resigned from my position.
    I will be entitled to family allowance now though, so will be sure to apply for that.

    Nothing has been discussed since he left. He hasnt been in touch. So I have no idea RE maintenance.

    I will make an apt for CAB tomorrow.

    I am sure it'll all hit me soon, but right now I'm just livid and seething.
  • Ive just found a maintenance calculator online. Accrding to that he should pay me around £400 p/m
  • when you got the mortgage was you married, im sure once you marry, his rating becomes yours (i am not 100% sure on this), i think you will be entitled to money, if any of his names on bills at home? if it went to court, he'd deffo end up having to pay, as courts put the child first, and im pretty sure if your married your mortgage is his!
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    Is the house also in your sole name ?

    Would you be able to downsize so that you could manage better on whatever child support your OH can/will pay ?

    What a pig he sounds, surely he'd been having thoughts of leaving for some time, why let you get pregnant, move house and resign ? I'm so sorry.
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