Real-life MMD: Missing Paypal payment - should I meet the deficit?



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    I've just gone through this with my 16yr old daughter selling something for the first time albeit with posting, not collection. Buyer paid a day later via PayPal but it was showing on daughters eBay Selling page as In Progress (or something to that effect). Checked PayPal and nothing showing that end at all. 3 days of checking later; realised silly daughter had an old email address linked to it! It wouldn't let us swap email address over so told daughter to send item first class recorded as it was her fault and to ask the buyer to cancel payment her end and ask if she would send it on to my PayPal account. I warned daughter this may be an expensive lesson she may have to learn (£43) but she didn't check the 'boring' bits at the bottom before listing in which it showed the wrong email address. Luckily buyer was lovely and paid it to my PayPal.

    Mistakes happen sometimes but I wouldn't pay again. She may have to learn the expensive lesson of reading through all the listing, like my daughter nearly did - at the end of the day, it was her fault. Some items can be collection or payment via eBay - we recently bought a large item and was given the choice as it was £160 but offered to pay cash to save the PayPal fees.
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  • This isn't so much a dilemma, as about knowing the correct procedures and the nuts and bolts of how Ebay and Paypal work. Those saying the seller should sort it are mistaken - the seller can't do anything.

    OP should log on to his/her Paypal account and look at this payment. If it shows as "unclaimed", this means it went to an email address which doesn't exist. If this is the case OP should cancel the payment (there will be a link to do this). He/she can then arrange to pay the seller again to the correct address.

    If the payment shows as completed, this means that it went to a real email address. (This doesn't mean that it was an old address of the seller's, or the seller's ex-boyfriend's address, it just means that it's somebody's address. It could be that the seller's address was Sarahsmith21@gmail, she accidentally typed Sarahsmith12@gmail, and there really was someone with that address. This is quite common). In this case OP should open an Item Not Received dispute with Paypal (NOT with Ebay - Ebay can view the messages between buyer and seller, may see that OP has the item, and may conclude that the claim is fraudulent). Escalate the dispute as soon as possible. it will close in OP's favour and the money will be refunded. Then re-pay the seller.
  • Ebay and Paypal DO LET YOU SET UP AN ACCOUNT WITH THE WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS and this does stop the seller getting their payment.

    I know this for a fact as it happened to my husband the first time he sold something on Ebay!

    It's very unfair on the seller and very wrong of Ebay not to check that an email address given is correct or not. With most things in life, when you open an account it sends an email to you and you have to click a link to verify that it is your correct email address. Ebay accept INCORRECT email addresses.

    My husband had one hell of a time getting it all sorted as he sold something, paid for the courier to send it to the buyer and then didn't get paid. The buyer was refunded by Ebay when they some how found out my husbands email given was incorrect?! Why they refunded the buyer I don't know, they didn't even try to contact my husband through his Ebay account.

    In the end - after weeks - my husband finally managed to get the buyer to pay him - after threatening him with the small claims court. No thanks to f
    g Ebay. They were totally uninterested and couldn't care less.

    So be aware this can happen.

    Has the payment come out of your bank account?
  • I once sold something on eBay and asked to be paid via Paypal and it never went into my account. Ends up it was my email details etc.

    As the seller, I had to sort this out as it was my fault. eBay told me it was the buyers responsibility to ask for the money back and pay again later! However PayPal were very helpful and linked the correct address to my account and the money showed up.

    I would NOT pay the seller again, and I would tell the seller to sort it via eBay or Paypal as you have proof you paid.

    I would also ask eBay and/or Paypal for advice.

    Good luck.
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    This isn't a dilemma. There are rules around this. It happened to me (as a seller) when googlemail became gmail. Basically all the seller needs to do is change the email address on their PayPal account to the same as the eBay account and the payment will then transfer. Afterwards they can then make changes to both accounts to their desired email address. Failing this they can contact Paypal. DO NOT PAY AGAIN. This is their problem not yours.
  • Ebay forces all sellers to add Paypal as a payment option.
    Ebay also actively encourages buyers to pay with it. Paypal is now owned by Ebay.
    When the auction ended the buyer would have been directed to pay with Paypal with messages of "your payment is secure with Paypal" "trust Paypal" etc.
    Buyers are made to think if they don't use Paypal they are at risk of losing their money.
    To solve the problem the buyer needs to open a "item not received" claim via Ebay.
    Once the payment has been restored to the buyer's bank account then the buyer can pay the seller ensuring it is going to the correct email address this time.
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    I am truly surprised at everyone's naivety about how eBay and PayPal works. I have over 860 feedback as both a seller and buyer on eBay. This happens all the time. You did NOT pay for the item. The payment is 'unclaimed' by the seller!! The payment never left your bank account, the seller has not been paid. The seller is obviously a novice at selling on eBay, and they let you have the chest of drawers in good faith, as you had paid by PayPal as far as they were concerned, and did not realise that they should check that they had actually received the payment in their PayPal account. You should have advised the seller that the payment of £50 was 'unclaimed' and that they could easily get this issue resolved if they spoke to PayPal. Of the many purchases I made this week, more than half ended up showing as 'unclaimed' by the various sellers. Once I notified each seller, they contacted PayPal and the payments were then cleared to each of the sellers PayPal Account.

    I am surprised that you are on a public forum, maligning this seller's good name, when you must be aware, that you have not paid the £50 to the seller yet. Their asking for £25, was the seller panicking at not being paid by you, before they had allowed you to collect the chest of drawers and deciding to lose £25 instead of the full £50 you owe them!!!!!
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    This is clear enough to me:

    "<The seller> had the wrong email address linked to <their PayPal account>"

    How? Foolish, is how :-) A fool and his money are... What? Together forever. No - soon parted.
    I would definitely not send any additional cash and would also try to get your £50 back via PayPal as it has apparently gone to somebody who it shouldn't have.
    If you can get it back, you may decide that you'll be nice enough to dish it out to the right place provided she can give you the correct PayPal e-mail address!
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    sue09 wrote: »
    As said by previous posters no one takes paypal for a collection item it's always cash on pick up, it saves having money deducted by paypal.

    Some sellers (possibly newer ones, or those who don't sell much and aren't aware of the risk) DO take payments through paypal for collection items - and e bay forces sellers to have a paypal payment option, so less experienced sellers think they MUST accept payment this way.

    And, while it may be 'to save having money deducted by paypal' it's more important to realise that a paypal-paying, collecting buyer can claim INR and get the payment back AND keep the item!

    As Soolin has said; an INR case would sort this out!
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  • Why has the seller let you take the chest of drawers when she hasn't been paid for them? If you have sent the money to the location that she gave you, and it is the wrong location, then she is doubly at fault and you don't need to do anything.
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