Real-life MMD: Missing Paypal payment - should I meet the deficit?



  • This happened to me except I was the one who misspelt my email address.
    Very simply corrected, you just cancel your payment via PayPal, the money will be returned and you remake to correct account. Takes 5 mins tops
    Hope you get sorted
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  • I'm surprised no one has suggested paying her the £25 and cancelling the Paypal payment as it's gone astray - bingo, 50% discount! But dishonest and unfair.

    Obviously, the seller should take it up with Paypal.
  • peteraj
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    The seller may have been very nice when you met them but do not pay anymore money. It was their fault totally and could just be a scam anyway and trying to get an extra £25 out of you.
    You can cancel your payment with Paypal but also let the seller take it up with Paypal

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  • Paypal do a 'charge back' service which I have used personally. If this doesnt work then contact paypal as a previous post sugested. Get your money back then its up to you if you pay the seller. Dont pay any extra though as it wasnt your mistake.
  • HI i do not think you should pay the £25 because i feel she should of had the right email address set up so therefore it's her mistake
  • Jelly_Biactol
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    Just all sounds very suspicious to me!

    You've paid for the goods, so I don't think you should pay again.
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  • If you look into your Paypal account you should be able to see if the money has been claimed or not. If it hasn't, cancel the transaction. (Pp may still take it from your account but will eventually refund it). Then suggest she gets the email address amended and send by recorded delivery (or take) her the £25.

    I've had something very similar happen, the persons email address had one extra letter mistyped into it when they set it up with Pp.
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    Tell her to take it up with Paypal and that you will confirm the email address you paid into if necessary.

    But I am quite confident that when you pay for an ebay item through Paypal, it is automatically directed to the seller's Paypal account. I don't know of any instance where clicking on Pay Now on the item listing, or clicking Pay Now on your ebay summary page that requests that YOU put in a payment email address for the seller. So I am VERY confused by your dilemma.
  • She's trying to pull a con on you. Paypal can trace every payment made to them, even payments to an email address without an account set up against it. Tell her to take it up with Paypal.
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    debbiesmum wrote: »
    What's the problem here? First thing you should have done is contact Paypal who are extremely efficient and timely in sorting out problems like this.

    :rotfl:oh I do like a good laugh! have you actually ever tried to get something like sending to the wrong account details sorted out with them? we once sent £200 to the wrong account details, but it was someones account somewhere and it vanished... paypal deny all responsibility and our bank insisted it was paypals problem, in the end it was costing so much to chase we decided to let it go and chalk it as experience!

    ETA this was to a bank account and not to another paypal account, which I agree should be simpler to sort out
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