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As you may or may not know, Amazon has launched a new cloud player app for PC and Apple products, which allows you to access an unlimited number of tracks from music you’ve previously purchased from the online retailer and upload a further 250 from outside sources for free.

Quite simply you can download or stream anything you've bought from it (not a third party seller) since 1999. The great thing about this is, it's not just for MP3s you've downloaded but also CDs or vinyls you've bought the hard copies of.

]If you've lost or damaged any CDs or vinyls (let's face it, their pretty delicate), you'll be able to retrieve the music.

We at MSE HQ found loads of music from our past that we’d forgotten about– some golden oldies and some terrible, causing tirades of “what were we thinking?”.

Just find Amazon Cloud Player, sign in with your normal amazon username/password and let us know if you found anything and how good or bad your musical history is.
There's more detail in our

Reclaim Lost Amazon music note

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