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    jimmy_mumu wrote:
    what options are open to people on income support and the like, looks like i'm on it for life now not by my choice but due to illness, i'm deeply in debt and don't know what to do

    Try posting your question as a new post on the Debt Free Wannabe board - there are people who know about bankrutpcy, IVAs etc etc who can advise.

    If you're on a limited income with no improvement in sight, this may be the way to go. If not, there is advice on budgeting and debt repayment. First thing to do ALWAYS is to get free advice, support and negotiating power from CAB, CCCS or National Debtline (see links at top of this page).

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    jo_b wrote:
    Or use loose washing powder rather than tablets, as it works out cheaper. :)

    Use Bold loose powder. I buy it in large boxes, which works out cheaper and more convenient. I haven't bought a fabric softener in years! That must be worth a few bob.
    keep smiling,
    chinagirl x
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    Judi wrote:
    Consider washing clothes without any heat. All the washing machines i have had has had a facility where you can turn off the heater and wash in cold water. My family dont really get their clothes really grimey so 80% of my wash is done without heat. However, for the dirtier clothes, i put my washing on a longer programme but without heat or i soak them in the washer overnight and wash them on a 40 degree wash the next day.

    I always have the 'economy' button pressed in on my washing machine. This means it always uses hot water from the domestic supply, which is heated up twice a day in a tank by gas. This has GOT to be cheaper than the machine heating it up electrically each time.
    keep smiling,
    chinagirl x
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    I boil water in an old fashioned whistling kettle on my gas stove instead of the electric kettle.

    Ok so it takes a bit longer, but you can always use that "slow pace of life" feeling for contemplation! Remember to put the kettle on a couple of minutes earlier than you usually do and you won't feel as if you're being kept waiting.
    "By not unsettling men, you will reassure them. By unsettling men either through timidity or malice, you are always compelled to keep a knife in hand." - Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527
  • Penny, liked the tips on dishwasher but was wondering what sort of vinegar to use. Just the normal brown stuff or what? You also dont give quantities. Doesn't the vinegar make your dishes smell?!
    Whats the use of happiness? It can't buy you money. Henry Youngman
  • bigtony53 wrote:
    When buying milk in those 6 pint bottles at your supermarket, take a carefull look at the quantity in the bottle. Select one with the most and get about an extra 3or4 cups of tea/coffee.
    Now thats what I call a super scrooge!
    Whats the use of happiness? It can't buy you money. Henry Youngman
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    Buy pump-dispenser toiletries such as Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash, save the container and fill it with one part washing up liquid, to ten parts water. Use the resulting soap mousse in the kitchen to wash one knife, one cup etc and also to wash your hands.
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    Penny, liked the tips on dishwasher but was wondering what sort of vinegar to use. Just the normal brown stuff or what? You also dont give quantities. Doesn't the vinegar make your dishes smell?!

    It is the white distilled stuff.

    I would say a teaspoon or so.

    I use two tablespoons instead of fabric conditioner in my washing machine. Means towels still sucks up the water. As they get clogged with conditioner.


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  • Buy baby clothes from primark, Asda, tesco and ebay. You can get some lovely things realy cheap.

    Buy nappies and formula milk in bulk from boots so you spend £25 at once and you get 500 advantage points

    put your card in the machine at boots for more offers. I just bought a pushchair with my points by doing the above 2 things
    Help enough people get what they want and you will automatically get what you want
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    (has someone mentioned this already? - feel free to delete this post board guide if it has!)

    Avoid using expensive 0845 numbers (etc etc) to call banks, credit card companies and other providers. Use the internet where possible - or find an alternative number to the 0845 option.
    For instance many banks/credit cards list an overseas number - remove the '44' and replace with a '0' - I have just done this with my credit card company, I included my 1899 code and the call is totally free! Am now listening to entertaining holding music on speakers, probably for about half an hour - but for once I wont be really irate about the amount its cost me!
    You can also try finding a free phone number for the company and then asked to transferred to the correct department - slightly underhand, but then so are their call-up rates! :cool:
    I've made my debts bite-size too depressing to look at all at once so am handling them one at a time - first up Graduate Loan £1720 paid off! only £280 to go!!!
    Money to raise for tuition fees: £3000
    When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!
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