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    I used to do a little trick with supermarkets, so that they'd pay me to take things away!

    If you look for buy one get one free items, that are reduced then you can make a large saving on the other things you buy (Bakery products tend to be on BOGOF and reduced). Heres a scenario:

    On Your List:
    2 Packs of Muffins - BOGOF at £1.50 a pack
    Bag of frozen Chicken - £1.80
    Box of Eggs - 42p
    Normally Totals to = £5.22

    Muffins become reduced to 20p per pack. But because they are BOGOF, you get 2 packs for 40p, then a refund of £1.50 (the so called free packet) after wards. For just buying the muffins, they'll give £1.10 to take 2 packs away! Great, but they'll notice that duhh!!

    So buy the bag of chicken and some eggs for £2.22, and that means you'll get what normally costs £5.22 for only £2.62!

    I think my Maths is right anyway! I used to do that at my local sainsburys reguarly, til the discounted items became barcoded. They used to be simple stickers before, But maybe your local supermarket still do it by the sticker!

    Try it, if you do it with careful thought, you can walk away with looooads for very little!

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    If you fold clothes as soon as they are dry you don't have to iron them!
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    Having driven for about 40 years I continue to be amazed to see the amount of fuel that other drivers waste when driving. These are probably the same drivers that keep complaining about fuel prices! You could easily save at least 20% of your fuel bills with a bit more thought. Every time you press that brake pedal you are wasting the energy (fuel) you have used to build up to speed and then dissipating it as heat through your brake discs/pads to slow down/stop. Every time you come to a complete stop you are having to move almost one ton of dead weight back up to your cruising speed again. I regularly get, with mixed driving, at least 70 mpg with my Skoda Fabia diesel but even if you don’t have a diesel car the following tips will save you fuel and money.

    Keep to the speed limits. Besides risking a fine, endorsements and higher insurance costs at next renewal, the faster you go the more fuel you use.

    LEARN TO READ THE ROAD. When approaching traffic lights and they turn to red immediately lift of the money pedal, sorry, accelerator pedal. Sometimes they will change back again to green or at least you will only have to change down one or two gears and not come to a full stop. Do not continue at same speed and jam on your brakes at the last minute.

    If you use a route regularly make a mental note of the traffic light sequence. Some lights are on a fast 15 seconds change, some on a 1 minute change. Try and arrive at the lights when they are on green. Some lights, if you have just missed the green you can have to wait 4 or 5 minutes. If the wait is longer than 2 minutes it saves fuel if you turn off your engine.

    When approaching roundabouts the idea is to filter into other traffic without coming to a stop. Do not approach the roundabout at high speed to be surprised by another car arriving at the same time and having to do virtually an emergency stop. I find with most roundabouts that if I ease off on the accelerator about 50 yards before the roundabout without braking, I am then approaching the roundabout about 15-20 mph and then can filter in and negotiate the roundabout in 2nd or 3rd gear. I rarely have to come to a complete stop at roundabouts.

    Get into 5th gear as soon as possible, some cars will pull 5th gear comfortably as low as 30 mph, but obviously don’t labour the engine.

    When it traffic jams, avoid if you can stop/start driving, try and let the car crawl along in first or second gear. Most car engines are flexible enough to let you crawl along in these gears at 5-10 mph without even having to press the accelerator pedal! The fuel coming through the idle jets is sufficient to keep the car going. Keep a modest buffer zone between you and the car in front to that even though the car in front has braked and come to a full stop by the time you have reached him he has pulled away again.

    If you have a trip computer just see what you can get by economy driving. You will find your journey time is very little different. On a recent 30 mile urban round trip I got 83 mpg.

    To end just a couple of other motoring tips.

    If having you car serviced by a garage, tell them you don’t want the screen wash refill. They charge £2 or £3 for this and you can do it much cheaper yourself.

    Most garages will let you take in your own engine oil. You can often buy this at up to 50% cheaper than garage prices. For example, my car needs 5 litres of expensive VW PD diesel engine oil at a garage price of £10 per litre plus VAT. (You can buy very good wine for that sort of price!) I buy Millers oil at £25 per 5 litres including VAT.
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper I've been Money Tipped!

    2) Get rid of your TV! I haven't had a TV for 2 and a half years now, and as I don't see anything like as many ads, I don't lust after 'amazing' products that are being marketed, as they're not being marketed to me! Stuff like smelly spray to put in the iron, and other 'innovations' that we've lived for long enough without, just don't appeal to me without the hard sell coming into my house. I obviously still see billboards and such, but it's a lot less powerful and insidious.

    Could not agree with you more. I don't have a TV not had one for about 5/6 years. I do admit that I have a pc with a DVD player but don't have many DVD's try and get them with points and vouchers from surveys etc.

    I find a lot of the new stuff like the comfort pearls etc ( I use white vingear or nothing at all)are made for lazyness. How difficult is it measure out some in to cup.

    The only people it might be useful is people going to the laundrette. Smelly ironing water is overpowering and makes me feel sick.


    Hope for everything and expect nothing!!!

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  • If you shop once a week, do it a day later each week, i.e if you shop on a monday, next week shop on the tues, over the year it can add up to a shopping free couple of weeks.
    February Grocery Challenge £250.00

    Spend so far £230!! (Ohhh my days HELP) still got almost 2 weeks left!!
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    Amazing thread. Someone should compile a list a la "Take a Break" style's top tips/handy hints and make some money! ;)
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    wildchild wrote:
    Only use one washing powder tablet instead of 2 - I've been doing this for years and noticed no discernible difference (except the clothes rinse better and aren't as clogged with soap).

    Or use loose washing powder rather than tablets, as it works out cheaper. :)
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    If you have a formal occasion to attend like wedding, christening etc etc and need something nice to wear, hire instead of buy. Most towns now have dress agencies where you can hire really good outfits for a fraction of what they'd cost to buy.
    “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” - Oscar Wilde
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    I tend to do the exact opposite as far as cash is concerned. I try to use credit cards with cash back more. Having cash in my pocket, is an invitation to overspend on things I don't really need. That little chocolate bar on the way to work, that fizzy drink at lunch time, that takeway on the way home. Without any cash on me, I can't buy any of those things. O'course this is fine if you're in familiar suroundings, as part of your daily routine, and know exactly where you can obtain cash if such a need arises, otherwise, a small amount of cash with you can be a life saver.
    It might sound odd, but I tend to manage credit cards better than cash. Maybe it's because the moment I take the money out of the cash machine, that money is gone as far as I'm concerned, whereas with CCs, I monitor the balance regularly and try to keep it as low as possible, in order to minimise the dent in my capital and at the same time maximise the interest earned.
    At anyone time, I'm making sure that my monthly income minus utility bills, mortgage and the amount saved every month, can service my CCs debts in full (nothing new here I guess). The difference goes to my savings either at the end of the month, or as soon as I'm satisfied with the accuracy of my expenditure forecasts.

    So, maximise the use of cash back credit cards.
    If you have a broadband connection and use wireless around your home, check if your neighbour will be interested in sharing your internet connection. You can straight away cut your internet costs by half.
    When you do your weekly shop, offer to do your neighbour's too. In that way, you maximise your cashback and reward points, help the environment (by reducing supermarket journeys by half) and you keep your neighbour happy. :-)
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