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Ripped off by strip club!

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
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  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    No never! ;) I don't gamble anyway, but no, it would be like leaving all your store accounts open with card details logged in. Never been that drunk, no :p

    Same here, I know when I've had enough.
  • tiger_eyes wrote: »
    I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, but it's beginning to occur to me that somebody is just posting the same imaginary scenario over and over with slightly edited details. :p

    As presented it just doesn't ring true to me. Unless you're a writer it's surprisingly tricky to pass off a fabricated account as true, especially a tale that's out of the ordinary. That's one of the reasons it's very difficult to write convincing fiction. I'm sure these types of scam happen, but not this time.
  • arcon5arcon5 Forumite
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    w211 wrote: »
    Assuming they're self-employed, probably about half, taken away the card processing fees, VAT, and the "house" fee - or whatever it's called, the fee/commission paid to the strip club in order to work there.

    Then that income has to be declared to the tax man, so take away a bit more tax, plus NI, though any expenses incurred doing that job can be offset.

    For £1,500, I would've expect a dance for 225 minutes (3.75 hours), assuming that £20 would give a 3-minute dance (usually for one song). You could halve that 225 minutes if you had two girls dancing for you at the same time though (just saying!)

    Half being £750. 2-4 weeks work for many, earnt in one night.

    If you think that's a poor amount to earn then your either a banker or politician.
  • SparhawkeSparhawke Forumite
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    Siro wrote: »
    Yes chip and pin was use. No drinks were bought its just a dance aparently. Fyeo in Bournemouth. :( £1500 definitely isn't cheap to me I am amazed! I have been advised by citizens advice / consumer advice line to Pursue credit card company under section 75?

    I only came here because I saw the topic title and instantly knew what was going on.

    You have not a leg to stand on, you were there, you were spending money, you may have been drunk but you were still able to PIN your number.

    This is not an appropriate first post.
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  • poet123 wrote: »
    There have been at least two other threads in recent months identical to this.

    I was thinking that as well. Its either someone who is bored or the same bloke has been fooled more than once.
  • w211w211 Forumite
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    arcon5 wrote: »
    Half being £750. 2-4 weeks work for many, earnt in one night.

    If you think that's a poor amount to earn then your either a banker or politician.

    Just answering (attempting to anyway, as there are many assumptions to make) the question posted earlier in the thread.

    I made no comment whether the amount is poor or not.
  • dalesriderdalesrider Forumite
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    Seriously though op, £1500 is a lot for a dance....I'd be inclined to ask your credit card to investigate and possibly report it to the police if you think anything underhand has gone on..

    Investigate what?

    OP entered PIN for the transaction. Was not under any duress to do so. Therefor nothing to do with the CC co.

    Only option is police....

    Must admit we have not had this type of story at work for a while...
    Never ASSUME anything its makes a
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  • morganedgemorganedge Forumite
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    This happens all the time. It is VERY VERY popular in Eastern Europe etc, but happens a lot here aswell.

    You've been ripped off. They'll lie about what you actually got for your money.
    You have next to no chance of getting your money back, although you're welcome to try.

    Never give over your card in a strip joint. Pay for your dances and drinks in cash
  • lucy03lucy03 Forumite
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    Hintza wrote: »
    If the OP wants to play with the big boys then he should take it on the chin.

    I do hope the OP is their early 20s because if he is any older he should have known better.

    What happened to personal responsibility........oh wait we don't have that any more!

    I'm not personally concerned about the moral issues, I don't know the OP and I don't know his circumstances, or whether this really happened. But if fraud took place where money was taken without permission, then the OP has the right to progress it if they so wish IMO.
  • George_MichaelGeorge_Michael Forumite
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    Anyone has the right to challenge a transaction on their bank account but this doesn't mean that they have any chance of winning.

    The first thing that the bank will do is check if the payment was authorised by the entering of the PIN for the card used and if it was and that card hasn't been reported as lost or stolen then in all probability it was the card holder that authorised the payment.
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