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Ripped off by strip club!

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  • dalesriderdalesrider Forumite
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    SirO wrote: »
    Yes chip and pin was use. No drinks were bought its just a dance aparently. Fyeo in Bournemouth. :( £1500 definitely isn't cheap to me I am amazed! I have been advised by citizens advice / consumer advice line to Pursue credit card company under section 75?

    Given you have no receipts, and claim to be so drunk as to be hardly able to walk... How do you know exactly what was bought?

    These advice lines need to train their staff better....
    S75 claim because someone was drunk and can't remember what they entered a 4 digit number for....

    Option you could go to the Police.
    Never ASSUME anything its makes a
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  • pinkshoespinkshoes Forumite
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    If it was the other way round of excessively drunk women being taken advantage of, the police would no doubt be interested, so I'd think the police are more likely to be interested that the CC company!
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  • montyrebelmontyrebel Forumite
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    even though you were drunk did you at least get a semi-on to get some of your moneys worth? lol
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  • tinkerbell28tinkerbell28 Forumite
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    Seriously though op, £1500 is a lot for a dance....I'd be inclined to ask your credit card to investigate and possibly report it to the police if you think anything underhand has gone on.

    I never understand why men go to these clubs, apart from the obvious....Most are bladdered beyond belief, so can't remember anything anyway, they are expensive and you certainly won't be the first who doesn't necessarily know what they are agreeing to when they pop in that pin. It's easy pickings. I do feel for you actually.

    May be you got drunk and carried away, it could easily be they just took what they could without you realising. If you were in a shop and distracted, they can't just take £1000, instead of £100, so same thing here really.
  • maninthestreetmaninthestreet Forumite
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    For £1500 you should have got the lot, if you know what I mean....
    "You were only supposed to blow the bl**dy doors off!!"
  • JimmyTheWigJimmyTheWig Forumite
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    and they say the women are exploited.
    How much of that £1500 do you think the women got?
  • tinkerbell28tinkerbell28 Forumite
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    How much of that £1500 do you think the women got?

    A fair bit, the girls in those places are laughing, I used to know one it was a branded club, not some hovel in soho. I'd say in these type places men are the ones being exploited, not the women.
  • lucy03lucy03 Forumite
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    There are some licensing issues about serving alcohol to people who are drunk.

    It might be viable to make complaint on that regard. If, for example, a pub took 1,500 pounds off a customer who was drunk (which wouldn't be hard to do) then it's likely that the matter would investigated. Obviously in this case the club could claim that the money was for other services rendered, but I personally think they're going to need to start providing further details of what has happened.

    I would contact the police in the first instance, or the council's licensing team.
  • lucy03 wrote: »

    I would contact the police in the first instance, or the council's licensing team.

    If the OP wants to play with the big boys then he should take it on the chin.

    I do hope the OP is their early 20s because if he is any older he should have known better.

    What happened to personal responsibility........oh wait we don't have that any more!
  • spacey2012spacey2012 Forumite
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    A short sharp lesson in knowing your drinking limit and the consequences of not knowing it.
    Be happy...;)
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