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  • Not much to report...another £21.21 OPed from the sale of some books and a cross-stitch pattern. By the end of this month I am hoping that I will have taken 13 months off our third mortgage since we took it out in April. :j
  • We have now painted DS2's bedroom and spent yesterday evening wallpapering the one wall...this is my first proper attempt at papering, as my mum normally does all of it, but I need to learn properly sometime so asked her to teach me. I don't think I've made too bad a job of it, although I could tell mum was itching to get up the ladder and do it for me. :D

    He has a tiny room, but we have painted the walls a warm grey, which I hope won't be too dark, and done one wall in a sort of graffiti wall wallpaper which has a dark background but lots of colourful graffiti words, so is still quite bright. The carpet is going to be black with grey flecks in it and he has opted for black shiny furniture, so we'll need to brighten it up further with the bedding and curtains. I've also promised him he can have a small fluffy rug in a colour of his choice. Hopefully this will see him through until he leaves home :T

    I've also started thinking about what I might like to do when the kids are a little bit older, as I currently work in a school term-time only. I don't earn a huge amount, and don't particularly like my job at the moment, so should probably start thinking about retraining. Unfortunately I have no idea what I'd like to do, so just keep going round in circles :( Ideas on the back of a postcard please...
  • Regular monthly OP of £35 made today along with £1.50 cashback.
  • Haven't had a spare two minutes to post properly, but wanted to log that I'd made another teeny tiny OP of £5.20 made up of the monthly reward on a bank account and 20 interest!
  • Even teenier tinier OP of £1.50 from cashback...they do say every little helps :rotfl:
  • Gosh, not posted in a long time :o

    We've been very busy decorating the boys rooms and trying to clear the garden, as we were supposed to be completely redoing it this year, however we've now decided to stage it and do half this year and finish next year. This was so we could still go on holiday as although we'd said we wouldn't bother this year, we both decided we needed it, as it's our only quality family time really (sad).

    No sooner had we made that decision than the boiler decided to start playing up...and apparently needs replacing :mad: Probably going to be about £2,500 :eek:

    OH says I'll need to stop making OPs while we pay for it, but I will find a way....

    Secretly OPed £37 this morning (sshh, don't tell OH ;))
  • Oh cheeky overpayment nice work hehe
    The boiler issue is a big sucker sorry you had bad luck :[
    Mortgage--- [STRIKE]£67700 March 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£65221 April 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£64983 July 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£64780 sept 15[/STRIKE] Remortgage [STRIKE]£67295 oct 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£66599 Nov 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£65878.73 Dec 15[/STRIKE][STRIKE] £64834 1st Jan 16[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]Feb 16 £64,511.89[/STRIKE][STRIKE] March 16 £64,056.40[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]April 16 £62550[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]May 16 £62,396.20[/STRIKE] Feb 17 £60.800
    Emergency fund 23k
  • Thanks Luckyinlife, to be honest we knew it was just a matter of time before the boiler would need replacing, it was only a surprise because it had been behaving so well this winter :D
  • easylife73
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    I'm clearly rubbish at keeping a diary...over 2 years since my last entry :o Time for a quick update...

    We're currently in the process of amalgamating the three mortgages into one new one with First Direct, a 10 year fix. It's not the cheapest rate we could have got but DS1 is nearly 17 and DS2 is 14. They'll both probably be going to university, DS1 next year and then DS2 three years later...he's talking about doing a 5 or 6 year course _pale_ so knowing exactly how much our mortgage will be over the next 10 years will be very reassuring.

    I've changed jobs so am no longer term-time only but proper full-time...the extra money is great, but I really miss having 13 weeks holiday a year. Unfortunately, having more money coming in has just meant we've spent more money which is very bad. Haven't really been making overpayments, but the mortgage is down to about £124,000...I will post an accurate figure when the re-mortgage goes through. Luckily we will be able to make unlimited overpayments with the new mortgage despite it being a long fix. The total term will be 19 years, but would love this to be less...in an ideal world I'd like to shave the 9 off, but realistically getting i down to 15 years is more achievable. That would make us both 59 so seems a good point to aim for.

    Not sure in reality how I'm going to do it as well as pay for the boys through university though :rotfl:
  • easylife73
    easylife73 Posts: 332
    First Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    edited 18 June 2017 at 9:26AM
    Have just been reading through some other diaries, and it's made me realise how much has changed in the last two years, and also how much will be changing in the near future...

    • I'm working full time so more money coming in from my earnings
    • DH is now top of scale in his job after a period of pay freezes
    • We are no longer paying maintenance each week for DH's son, as he is now 20

    • DS1 will be starting driving lessons in a month or so which cancels out the money saved by not paying maintenance. It will also mean increased insurance costs to have him on my car insurance.
    • Which leads on to my car...previously we only had the one car, which meant a lot of driving each other around in order to make sure everyone had transport when they needed it. Last year we bought a small second car (no RFL, low insurance and a few years of transferrable warranty left on it), partly to make things easier but also so that DS1 could practice when he starts learning to drive, as the main car is an automatic. Unfortunately we didn't quite have the money at the time, so we borrowed from the very generous bank of mum & dad and are paying that back at £400 per month for the rest of this year.
    • Which leads on again to the main car...still fine (touch wood) but is now out of it's warranty period so if something goes wrong we'll need to find repair money.
    • As soon as DS1 has learnt to drive we'll probably be looking at him going to university (next year) so there will be costs there...no idea how much as he is not the type to go out much so hard to guesstimate how much he'll need. He should qualify for a maintenance loan to some degree, so we'll see. I've put a figure in the budget for £1,200 per term initially, but with provision for a further £450 or so if necessary.
    • Our lovely dog, who has previously had all his costs paid for by the charity he is a stud dog for, is being retired in August, so we will need to pick up the costs from then (or give him back, but I don't think DS2 would ever forgive me for that!) So we'll need to pay for food, vets bills, insurance, kenneling etc...I've estimated about £100 a month but as we've never had to pay it before I've really no idea.
    • Overtime appears to have dried up for DH.
    • Kind of a positive as well as a negative, but as we're not getting any younger we've set up income protection policies, so another £100 or so going out each month. Should the worst happen and we become ill it will be worth it's weight in gold, and the peace of mind factor is important, to me at least.

    Wish List
    As always, there's an ever growing list of things to spend money on!
    • Need to redecorate our bedroom, a downstairs room and the stairs and landing...the stair carpet that I mentioned two years ago that needed replacing still needs replacing!
    • Would really like to buy a caravan...would like to be able to make the most of the few weekends DH does get off (he works an odd shift pattern) and would also like to be able to take the dog away with us, as we won't have free kenneling after this year's main holiday. We usually camp in France, but it wouldn't be realistic to take the dog abroad with the tent.
    • In my dream world I'd like to be able to take the kids on a big holiday before they fly the nest...I think we'd really enjoy a cruise round the Med with Royal Caribbean - their ships look amazing!

    There's more, but it's so un MSE I can't put it down in writing :rotfl:

    No idea how I'll be paying for all this...
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