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  • Thanks greent. Haven't been OPing the voucher values, so that's definitely something I can do. Nectar points (along with Consumer Pulse points) tend to get used on replacing electrical items (washing machine, laptops etc) as and when needed, so we don't notice a big expense when something breaks!

    Sainsburys is our nearest shop, so it's very easy for DH to just pop in...sometimes several times a day:( Used to shop in Lidl when we lived out of town, but have got lazy since moving nearer. We already buy a lot of the basics stuff, so not sure how much cheaper changing to Lidl would be. Funnily enough, we stick to our budget better if we do an online shop and pay for delivery, as that way we have to meal plan properly, don't browse and buy unnecessary items, and can see it adding up as we go, so can cull luxuries if necessary. Unfortunately, due to DH's stupid work rota, we never seem to get into a proper routine with it.
  • Managed to stop DH from going to Sainsburys today, as he thought we needed something for dinner (the cupboards, fridge & freezer are full!!). Found sausages, pasta & a jar of pasta sauce so he had to make do with only filling the car up at Sainsburys and not a trolley :rotfl:

    Spent £5 or so on a cover for the tablet we got as part of the deal with the DS's mobile phones they had for Christmas, as otherwise I know it will get broken quickly.

    Have also been researching furniture, wallpaper etc for decorating both DS's rooms, stairs & landing. We have a set budget as we have been given some money by my parents specifically to do this, so have come to the conclusion that we can revamp DS1's furniture but DS2 really does need new wardrobe, drawers etc. He's currently making do with bits of the fitted furniture which we removed from our old room when we did the upstairs extension six years ago, and it was left behind by the previous owner then, so is obviously very dated (and definitely not boyish!)

    Hopefully will order the furniture and wallpaper tomorrow, and then persuade DH to go and look at carpets with me. Need to replace the carpet on the stairs as the dog has destroyed it at the bottom, so makes sense to do stairs and bedrooms at the same time.

    No OPs today, but am looking forward to tomorrow so I can do my end of year budget comparison and money moving...how sad is that :o
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    easylife73 wrote: »

    No OPs today, but am looking forward to tomorrow so I can do my end of year budget comparison and money moving...how sad is that :o

    I think you're amongst plenty of like minded people here ;):D
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    Happy New Year :beer:

    Well, ordered the furniture for DS2's room, and beds, mattresses and wallpaper for both boys. It will all be arriving tomorrow :eek:

    Carpet shop was very annoyingly closed yesterday, so we won't be able to go carpet shopping until the weekend now. Started sorting out the cupboards in DS2's room, to get ready to strip everything out, but I think this might be a bigger job than even I thought :rotfl:

    Listed a few more things on Ebay, but no bids yet and already getting disheartened...might leave it now until the first lot end on Sunday, and see how it looks then.

    No OPs, but did my year end budget comparison and wasn't too bad. Also put together my 2015 budget, which for once balances before any overtime is added in and after my regular OPs are taken out.
  • Grrrr...wrote a big long post last night and stupid laptop overheated and shut down before I had a chance to post it. :mad:

    Anyway, let's try again...

    Had quite a bargainous few days, using up leftovers etc...had bubble and squeak with leftover mash & sprouts, followed by leftover Christmas pudding, and have saved the remains of last night's leek & potato gratin to take to work on Tuesday for lunch. I'm not looking forward to going back but hopefully the gratin should cheer me up :) Just managed to stop DH throwing a black banana in the bin, as I knew there were two more in the fridge, so I'm going to make banana, walnut & chocolate chip muffins for our Sunday cakes today. I am however in the DS's bad books at I had assumed they had a teacher training day on Monday, but apparently they don't, so it was a bit of a shock to them to realise they've only got today left of the holidays...oops!

    Still waiting for the bedroom furniture and wallpaper to arrive, and have been thwarted by the carpet shop being closed every time we've been over, so room decorations not going very quickly, although I have started clearing our DS2's cupboards, wardrobe etc in preparation....I now have a load more stuff to sell, so need to get cracking on that. Bizarrely, when I lifted out the bottom drawer to check for stray clothes that could have fallen down the back, I found a pair of girls rugby socks, identical to those we have for the DSs but with the local girls school logo on rather than the boys school...no idea how they got there as we put the furniture in ourselves in 2008, have no girls in the family, and neither did the previous owner, who was an elderly lady. They looked pretty much brand new...very spooky _pale_

    No OPs to report yet as I haven't received any cashback and am still waiting for the Halifax incentive to hit the account. However, I finally have a bid on one of ebay listings, plus watchers (massive £3.20 at the moment :rotfl:) and seven other items have watchers too, so hopefully some of them will sell.

    Right, off to make the kids do their homework before school tomorrow :eek: , make muffins and finish clearing out DS2's room. Have a relaxing Sunday everyone :)
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    Finally sold something :j

    Have hopefully got a couple of people coming to collect things over the next few days for things sold on facebook page, totalling £13, and one item has been paid for on ebay, so assuming I've calculated the postage correctly that should be a further £8ish profit, so a total of £21 or so to hopefully OP in the next few days.
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    Doh! Just realised I won't be getting the Halifax reward this month as I accidentally slipped out of credit by £3 last month when the laptop had a restart and wiped my automatic customer number...by the time I'd [STRIKE]got off my backside to go and find it[/STRIKE] remembered one of the little DDs had gone out :mad::mad:
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    Just made an OP of £15, from ebay sale, save the change so far in January and interest received, rounded up by 44p :rotfl:

    Forgot to say before, have finally persuaded DH of the wisdom of keeping the food budget to under £80...let's just say he now has his own incentive programme ;)
  • Another OP today of £12 from sales on local selling site. I've also sold a few bits on ebay but will wait until they've gone to the post office tomorrow just in case I've messed up on the postage...I think I have on at least one unfortunately. Hopefully will be another £30 or so.

    In other news, my sister had her first baby this weekend, so we're all very excited :j

    Really need to crack on with sorting and decorating the boys rooms, but with a new baby to cuddle, I don't think I'll be getting much done to be honest :)
  • Hi easylife73, found you! And just in time to hear about a new baby, ooh lovely squishy newborns, how gorgeous :p. Congrats to you all. I'll have a good read through your diary, I have a tombola birthday this year & had never heard that phrase, I'm going to use it from now on :D
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