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Cheap Car Hire - hiring a baby car seat

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  • We bought the Boostapack seat which doubles as backpack. Its a bit clunky as a backpack but we carried it as one of our hand luggage items and used it to keep essential kids travel stuff (babywipes, snacks, small toys etc).

    Good value when you think a hired seat would set you back more than that for one week.
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    naepacenaepace Forumite
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    Car seat and booster seats
    Updated 06/06/2013

    You can bring a car seat for your child to use during the flight as long as it complies with the manufacturer’s age/weight/height recommendations. (You may also bring a car seat for an infant under 2 if you have paid for a seat for them.)

    The car seat must be:
    able to fit in the 42cm space between the arm rests on the aircraft seats
    upright and forward facing (rear-facing car seats cannot be accepted as only very few of these types of car seat are ‘approved for aircraft use’ in Europe).

    Booster seats are allowed as your one piece of cabin baggage, or you can include a booster seat inside your one cabin bag. Please note that the cabin bag guarantee applies. If you choose to bring a maximum size bag or booster seat (56 x 45 x 25cm), it may have to go in the hold on a busy flight.

    A booster seat does not qualify as a car seat for infants or children to use during take-off and landing, although you’re welcome to use it onboard when the seatbelt sign is off. If you wish to do this, please make sure it is within the 50 x 40 x 20cm guarantee size (or inside a bag of this size) to ensure it travels with you in the cabin. It will be stored in the overhead locker or under the seat in front during take-off and landing.

    If you don’t plan to use the car seat or booster seat in-flight, please drop it at the Bag Drop desk to go in the hold. We carry car seats, booster seats, buggies, push chairs and travel cots for free. They don’t form part of your luggage allowance and you can bring up to two of these items per infant or child.
  • Travel with baby then its first priority that to take own car or hire a car on cheap rate where proper seat arrangement available for baby as many are traveling a lot so chance of escaping babies from seat happening lot of times solution is to try Britax B-SAFE and Britax CHAPERONE one out of these two which are providing best facility for babies!!
  • busybirdbusybird Forumite
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    Does anyone know if child car seats are insured against damage if they are taken on a flight and placed in the hold? I am concerned about hiring one that isn't particularly nice when I travel to Palma with my grand daughter but realise it will be an additional item to keep track of if we take our own.
  • HFDMammyHFDMammy Forumite
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    How old is your grand daughter? If she's on a booster seat, buy a cheap one and just leave it when you've finished with it. If it's a full size seat and it's going in the hold, I would wrap it in see through plastic and tape it thoroughly so it doesnt get dirty/parts separated. This way the airline can see easily that it is a car seat - they often go "free" as in they don't count towards your luggage allowance (check with your airline). You'll need to check your insurance policy for whether or not it's covered
  • Hi, has anyone hired a car from Geneva airport before with a child car seat? My daughter will be 2 we are flying with Easy jet but as it is a long weekend we are not checking any bags so not sure if this affects whether we can bring her car seat? I would probably hire one there encase it is damaged on the flight. Any suggestions on best company to use would be greatly receieved, there seems to be lots of options but no upfront fees for car seats.


  • VJRobsVJRobs Forumite
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    We have never paid the ridiculous amounts requested to hire a booster seat. Every year I have bought a very cheap but perfectly good, lightweight booster seat from our local car boot sale - the most I have paid is £1 but most have been 50p. We pop it in our suitcase and then into our hire car at the other end. When we return the hire car we just leave the booster seat behind.
  • rustyboy21rustyboy21 Forumite
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    If you are travelling to the Canary Islands the following throw in FREE car seats and booster seats in every booking that need them. They also work out one of the cheapest to book with, with free no excess insurance AND no fuel policy ! autoreisen car hire
  • *Dusty**Dusty* Forumite
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    We are heading to florida in May, as the airline allows a child seat as part of their luggage allowance I bought 3 of these

    2 in red, one in blue. They've only to last 2 weeks and to be honest they're perfectly adequate for the requirements, I have tested them in my own car and the kids are quite happy.
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  • monkey84monkey84 Forumite
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    Friends of mine are travelling to the UK from Germany with their son who will be 18 months old at the time. They would like to take the Easybus from Stansted, but need a child car seat to do so. The car seat they have is heavy and not easily portable. Does anyone know of a company that makes portable car seats suitable for small children (I think he is too young for a booster seat) or a company that will hire them and let them be picked up at the airport? Many thanks.
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