Daydream thread... without the rose-tinted specs

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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Thanks for the new thread,:

    Oops, posted on old one,

    Copy and paste from there

    The red rose my north garden was born to house has flowered for the first time, and looks perfect growing throug its salmony neighbour


    On topic, one red pear growing this year :)

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    good day to you all.

    ive just finished doing my "anorak" duties on the railway. as i left so the train'y people turned up...:D

    i have just been offered/tempted by the tale of a storage container full of OLD african furniture that they want shot of....;)
    i have the storage now...:rotfl:
    am awaiting pictures of whats inside and as they are paying 100 a month storage fees [last 2 years] will be cheap...:D:D

    am i tempted...:p

    my head is banging today and im still feeling like sh*te . not able to go to scotland now..:( as i need to have another scan.
    only did work on railway as id promised and really didnt feel like it but £'s ......

    im sat looking at an overgrown hedge and a hedge cutter....... :o not sure if i will over do myself but it needs doing........

    my umpf has umpfed off...:rotfl:
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    alfie_1 wrote: »

    my umpf has umpfed off...:rotfl:

    That doesn't sound like you!

    Good luck with the scan.

    You remember my snow detector nipples? It turns out I have actually developed reynaud's syndrome but just of the nipples. :o. Seriously, that's so typical of me its ridiculous. Anyway, it won't kill me, and I can stop worrying about snow in June, :T. I do have to be wary of cold weather though. This means summer should be delightful, but oh no, because I have also developed rosacea this I am allergic to the sun as well as the cold :rotfl::rotfl:

    Thankfully, neither are serious conditions, and I'm finding the whole thing mildly amusing rather than fundamentally horrifying, :D.
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    Weather has a lot to answer for, doesn't it? :(

    I just feel like I live in 95% winter. Being really miserable, sorry, I'll point out that this time next week the days start to shorten. :eek:

    We've both got 'heavy' heads at the moment from the low pressure & constant strong winds blowing. I really need to be able to get some decent sun (without ticks) to help the skin & lift the spirits but it doesn't look like it's on the cards.

    I'm sure that living in the countryside makes one much more aware of (& eventually slaves to) whatever the elements throw at us.
    Living in town means temporarily wet pavements. Out here it's being permanently surrounded by water & mud.

    Oh well, my apologies, just having a mini rant. Nothing to be done about it.

    Roses look good, LIR.
  • Hi Everyone, OMG A new thread!

    Been pretty busy for a while, I have tried to keep up then realised you'd moved!

    Nothing that much to report here, pretty much same as always so I haven't really felt the need to write...groundhog day springs to mind!

    Sorry to hear of the various ills and ailments out there, this grotty weather doesn't help, praying for sunshine again - oh, there it is!!!

    CTC - saw the drama unfold with your theft, what *******! A local friend of mine had stuff stolen from her land recently, broad daylight, what is it coming to? It's made me a lot more wary of leaving stuff around but no room to put everything indoors or even out of sight...

    And love the piglets! I'm up to 20 pigs atm, another 10 will be here by the end of the month I reckon but I will start selling some from next week hopefully. I went to the market last Friday and my mate picked up a load of weaners, I was going to mention them to you but I was too late!

    Here's to another 10,000!
  • alfie_1 wrote: »
    oh.....i dont like the title !! doom and gloom or what !!

    wheres the positive gone.....

    i know i feel poorly but now im depressed...;)

    Must admit I am with you on this Alfie..

    Its been my personal circumstances that have been a nightmare.

    Yes it is tough, BUT I think life/ finances are a nightmare in general for everyone.

    FK.. we were all hitched up ready to go last Friday..but then shtf.

    do you know what the prices were like???

    we might go along to the next one.. to get something older if the prices are right.

    only came home to have a quick bath etc, them back up the ranch... the weather last night:eek::eek::eek::eek: it was terrible, the win and the rain.. didn't do anything up there today, nut it was nice just to chill out and watch tv in the caravan..

    Aflie I know we are bsy, BUT if you need a hand one weekend with the furniture give us a shout, and we will try and come down for the day.. to help...

    Davesnave... the strong round up hasn't touched the horsetail:mad::mad:,so will go back on the old thread and buy some of that stuff
    Work to live= not live to work
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    Well, I can see the funny side of the title. There are few posters who don't have regular nightmare moments & so have a good old moan about something or other :D

    We all had the opportunity to start a new thread from 200 posts earlier & none of us did ....... so I'll go along with whatever the person who actually starts it (in this case Alex) decides to call it.

    In Brian Connelly mode "It's a [STRIKE]puppet[/STRIKE] thread title" not a fortune-telling! :rotfl:
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Put in an offer for this garden (with a tatty bungalow attached) yesterday. Got to wait until Monday to find out if offer accepted. Its nail biting. Always wanted a bigger garden. I can have chucks again, and a pond. Its a blank canvas really, and if it all comes off it will keep DH busy for a while (poor chap he is not a natural gardener) :)
    It is a good idea to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark so that all its shy presences may haunt you and possess you in a reverie of suspended thought.
    James Douglas
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    Fingers crossed for Monday for you, Better Days.
    Not too overgrown &, being flat, should have plenty of scope.
    Has it got a natural water source for the pond?

    Will you be living in the bungalow?
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