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Old Style Christmas Preparations for Christmas 2013

edited 10 September 2013 at 8:57PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Christmas cake made :) I used delias traditional receipe smells amazing in my kitchen lol

  • daisieggdaisiegg Forumite
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    Carlamarie wrote: »
    I also do Christmas Eve hampers for my lot. A lot of people put in toys and activities to keep them mused during the day. But mine are really 'get ready for bed' hampers.
    I have the following in,
    New pjs and slippers
    Character bubble bath/ shower gel
    New toothbrushes
    Snowman soup
    Xmas themed mugs
    Some sweets or choc of some kind
    Magic reindeer food
    Cup and plate for Santa
    A note for Santa explaining where hes hidden the magic key;)
    Santa stop here sign
    Xmas themed book
    And I also put in one bigger item thats focused on bed/baths. In the past that has been character pillows, character towels, character fleeces. This year it is cushioned pyjama cases (have an hello kitty and a spongebib from boots sale, just ned one for the youngest)

    Our xmas eve goes as follows.
    DVDs in morning, christmas ones of course ;) followed by a huge bust which I make for both lunch and dinner (usually finished off on xmas night)
    Then cookies/ buns are made. Visits from both sets of grandparents who sample the buffet and baking.
    At about4pm we always go to our local green grocers to get our veg. Dh always 'forgets' his wallet so he has to run back home (and pop the hampers on their beds ssshhhhh!!!)
    When we get back the kids find them.
    Jump in the bath with using their new bath and tooth products.
    Into their new pjs and slippers
    Then downstairs for snowman soup in their new cups with their chocs.
    Then into the garden to plant the Santa stop here signs and scatter the magic reindeer dust using the torches to see it all glittering.
    Then back In to find the magic key which Santa always hides on the xmas tree and hang that on the front door.
    Then daddy will read the new book while i get the veg ready for the next day

    And finally into their beds which their cushioned pj covers ..... And sleep!

    It's so magical and they love it! As do i!

    Just had to post as I don't have kids yet but this sounds absolutely magical - how gorgeous!
  • Thanks daisyegg, it really is magical, its so worth it just for the look of excitement on their faces!
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  • aljaalja Forumite
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    If I ever have children I would love to make it magical for them too! It just sounds like so much fun and if it keeps them calm and entertained that's always a bonus ;)
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  • happytailshappytails Forumite
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    So far ive bought toothbrushes for the Xmas eve present. Need x3 pairs of pjs, i like the GAP ones so need to wait til they are on sale. We usually do a DVD and snack so we will do the same again this year.

    I need to find my chart with the spends/budget on to see what money i have left to spend on my kids (Max £50 per child)

    Need to make a start on the stocking fillers/busy bags soon!

    Sarah x
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  • mum2onemum2one Forumite
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    Islandmaid wrote: »
    Hi all,

    Just back from holiday, and am now in 'Xmas mode'.

    I told the kids after last christmas that that would be the last 'kiddie' type christmas - they are 15,17 and 20 now. They would have forgotten by this year,but i,m sticking to my guns....

    I am also cutting out alot of rellies, just buying for immediate family and one neice who is still young.

    My budget is £500 this year for all prezzies and food/drink, I have saved about £250 so far this year on my pound-a-day :)

    Bought a bottle of booze from d-free for DS1 (20), and did a bargin shop at the works this morning - spent £25 including a 30% discount and free postage, also got £4.50 off via quidco :) this included prezzy for DS1 (curry cookbook), tiger tank book for OH, calender and diary set for MIL, wrapping paper and tags ( plain brown paper, will decorate with ribbon) and several diaries for the family, and some pretty boxes for hampers - also bought a couple of cookery books for me, just to meet the free postage costs ;)

    DD (17) has an expensive addiction to posh make-up brand, so will add a mascara and foundation to a few cheap beauty items to make a hamper for her.

    DS2 (15) is an Xbox fiend, so a 'gold membership' and points will be the basis for his hamper

    These will be approx £50 each - significantly cheaper than previous years......

    Am going back to basics with food too - historically I have bought into 'seige mentality' and bought enough food to feed an army for a year - this year totally different - its a posh roast dinner really isn,t it - will be having beef this year, so between now and then, will keep my eyes open for any bargin joint and stick it in the freezer, last year, about this time I got a rib of beef from the local wholesaler on special offer then reduced to HP, massive 3 rib joint for £20 - lasted for so many meals it was amazing - fingers crossed for something similar.

    Sorry to chunter on - I tend to 'think outloud' when I post :o

    Loving this thread by the way x

    Hope you had a good hol, its usually hols that kick start the xmas mode, I always think when bank hol in Aug, last one before xmas.

    Totally agree with rellies, we did that a couple of years ago and although do still try to trim it.

    def agree with DF shopping, I stock up - brandy for friends hubby, whisky for dad,
    Sounds like you have got some good bargains, i like doing hamper style gifts there easier to manage budget wise.

    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • mum2onemum2one Forumite
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    Xmas Saver!
    Great post ... Am I late starting? Have saved £40 in Nec points so far hoping this will buy in my food for Xmas week ... We hav dinner at my mums ... I always buy the turkey and a nice dessert ... Hav 3 young children and half of last years toys r currently in the attic so this year we going to take it easy! To be honest they easily pleased I think it's the adults who think they hav to spend a fortune. Anyways... My main problem is gift buying for others I buy a friend and her 4 children ... It costs at least £100... And they buy us... Is it awful for me to ask her not to buy us??? I'm on maternity leave so money is tight!

    Just a thought, but if your buying friend and 4 children, whey dont you approach the subject about xmas, and say that with you on maternity leave your having to change tatics slighty and that one of the ideas was a budget £10 for kids and bottle of wine for adults, (upto £10), I bet there be a lot of people put there who are buying 2 generations.

    A friend of mine has 4 siblings, their partners and between them 6 kids - as a family they all agreed that for xmas £10 each for kids nothing for adults, and bdays £10 each kids, £10 for adults. When it was suggested at first one of the family was moaning he wouldn't get any presents, (but he always forgets everyone else!!) yet the rest all think it was great idea, works well, as the kids can save their money for something bigger. xx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • LolaLemonLolaLemon Forumite
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    I've been dipping in and out of here the past few weeks and now that I have put my Christmas list on my blog, its now Officially Christmas Prep for me.

    We also do a Christmas Eve hamper, mines consists of new toothbrush, new jammies, a short Christmas DVD, corn for making popcorn, ingredients to make Reindeer food, Santa's key, pens/crayons and colouring book. Cookie mix. Its only me and son, so this all goes in one hamper and is left on his bed that he finds. I work every Christmas Eve (i have to travel for a Christmas dinner then i can go home, should be home for abt 3pm), but I might steal the cinema tickets idea this year.

    I am doing a cinema hamper for my sister and her bf. going to have 2 pairs of 3D glasses, share bag of sweets, bag of popcorn, 2 bottles of juice (i dont buy fizzy juice but they drink coke, so will be looking out for thier names) a dvd as well so they can have their own film night.

    Still have to get another 4 adults and my son and nephew
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  • whitesatinwhitesatin Forumite
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    happytails wrote: »
    So far ive bought toothbrushes for the Xmas eve present. Need x3 pairs of pjs, i like the GAP ones so need to wait til they are on sale. We usually do a DVD and snack so we will do the same again this year.

    I need to find my chart with the spends/budget on to see what money i have left to spend on my kids (Max £50 per child)

    Need to make a start on the stocking fillers/busy bags soon!

    Sarah x

    Can I suggest Jo Jo Maman Bebe for pjs. I know they are not cheap but I can vouch for their comfort and durability, lovely French seams, soft fabric. I bought them for my grandchildren last year. If you buy 2 pairs you get £5 off the total price. If you only need 3, you could buy 4 and put a pair away for next year. I am talking about winter pjs here, of course, but you might find some lighter weight ones in the sale if it is still on.
  • scottishminniescottishminnie Forumite
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    For anyone who is interested (and may have some time to spare:)) - the Food Network TV channel is having a Christmas weekend this Sat/Sun (7/8 Sept).

    Delia, Barefoot Contessa and some unwrapped thrown in - my idea of heaven. I think I may have to drug hubby on Saturday night to secure the remote for myself - or maybe I should just set the planner to record it:D

    Full juicy details of the schedule here
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