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Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 5th May 2013

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  • Pizza £14.99
    Quiz entry fee £1.00
    Drink £2.10

  • Spends so far:

    Sun - NSD :j
    Mon - NSD :j
    Tues - £13.79
    Weds - NSD :j

    £13.79 / £65
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • 32b3in201332b3in2013 Forumite
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    I can't stop spending this week. new total below.

    Sunday -NSD
    Monday - £20.45
    Tuesday - £2.50
    Wednesday - £11.00

    I am bound to spend some money tomorrow too even though I don't need anything!

    SPC9 #125 - £816.85
    SPC10 #125 - £851.81
    SPC 11 #7 - £968.46
    SPC 12 #7 - £2682.90
    SPC 13 #7 - £4829.85
    SPC 14 #7 - £4173.30
  • ]Pizza £14.99
    Quiz entry fee £1.00
    Drink £2.10


    A NSD for me, woo! Although I had to pay out for trains for a series of work seminars, but will get that back on Payday so not including here.

    Does mean I will be squeezing the budget until payday though....
  • LaconicLaconic Forumite
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    Evening all,

    Not a bad day today. Needed some milk and sugar for baking so today:
    Wed: £1.78

    Could be worse. :)
    LBM: June 2012. Amount owed: ~£12,000
    Debt free: 15 January 2015! :)

  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Hi all

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD
    Tues - NSD
    Wed - £10.98 groceries

    Total - £10.98/£40
  • MissE001MissE001 Forumite
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    Update so far....

    Sun - NSD - tick :)
    Mon - Locks (hopefully!) £20 - money already safely stored in piggy waiting to get paid out - locks done but money still in piggy as there's a wee bit still to be done :)
    Tue - £5 (think I'll need to contribute to a sick colleague's flowers) £4.65 spent (£4 for flowers and 65p for chocolate to get the change to pay for the flowers....35p in savings pot :D)
    Wed - NSD - tick :)

    And for the rest of the week....

    Thu - £25 - no longer working away as planned but probably need petrol either Thursday or Friday.....so leaving planned spend at £25 for petrol instead of train fare and night out.
    Fri - [STRIKE]£3.50 - train fare while working away[/STRIKE] - hoping for NSD as no longer working away ;)
    Sat - £40 for haircut and £10 for bits and pieces for DD's wee birthday party

    ETO - hope you're enjoying being off work :j
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
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    EverTheOptimistEverTheOptimist Forumite
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    Spends so far this week

    Sun - NSD :j
    Mon - NSD :j
    Tues - £13.79 (misc budget)
    Weds - NSD :j
    Thurs - spendy day. £16.68 groceries. £4.80 bird food. £1.18 couple of photos (misc budget) £20 petrol.

    £56.45 / £65

    Hoping tomorrow will be a NSD and then few bits to get on Saturday. So should remain green, depends whether hubby comes with me or not. :D

    Eta - another £3 spent for tea tonight as invited my sister round for nachos and didn't have cheese or soured cream.
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • Sunday: £46.45/£50 (Tesco Shop)
    Monday: NSD
    Tuesday: NSD
    Wednesday: squash and bread from Tesco express £3.00 and daughter had £2.50 off me.
    Thursday: £1 liquorice allsorts from charity sweetie box (did not resist). Andrex loo rolls £2 (some things you can not do without
    but did try!!!)

    £54.95/£50 (Knew sticking to £50 would be tough)
  • strummergirlstrummergirl Forumite
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    Sun =NSDMon= NSD
    Tues = £10 on travel/groceries
    Wed= NSD
    Thurs= NSD

    Doing quite well this week but probably only because I have no money to spend lol. I'm being extra "tight" with what I've got
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