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Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 5th May 2013

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  • So far so good

    Sun - NSD :j
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • LaconicLaconic Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Finally got a budget for week. Put me down for £200 please.
    Got to shop for the holiday (my family always gives me a shopping list) and it does add up.
    So far
    Sun £2.29
    LBM: June 2012. Amount owed: ~£12,000
    Debt free: 15 January 2015! :)

  • MissE001MissE001 Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Thanks for the new thread ETO - you must be counting down the days now. Can't wait to hear when the new arrival gets here :D

    Sorry I'm a bit late updating - ended up green last week but only because of cancelled nights out £90.80 / £145

    This week, I've got:

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - Locks (hopefully!) £20 - money already safely stored in piggy waiting to get paid out
    Tue - £5 (think I'll need to contribute to a sick colleague's flowers)
    Wed - NSD
    Thu - £25 - working away so will need train fare. Also catching up with colleagues while I'm there so budgeting for that wee night out too
    Fri - £3.50 - train fare while working away
    Sat - £40 for haircut and £10 for bits and pieces for DD's wee birthday party

    I don't think I'll need petrol this week but will need some groceries. DD starts study leave this week so will probably be munching her way through the provisions in the house. So I'll include £16.50 for groceries to take it to a nice round numberand see how it goes.

    Total pledge for the week: £120
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
  • Sorry to hear your news GemmaN. :hug:

    A NSD for me today, so still on £14.99.
  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Hi all

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD

    Total - £0/£40
  • Didn't get a chance to update yesterday but I have had 2 NSD's so far this week.

    Have resisted 'popping' to the shops today, have amassed 4 bags of shredding and watched some programmes I had recorded instead.

    I am out for tea tonight, as I have been invited to a leaving do for a girl from work. Nice to know I haven't been forgotten yet. :D

    Have googled the pub we're going to and looked at the menus. So hoping not to spend more than £10 ish. Just hoping we don't split the bill as Ive already planned my cheapish meal. :D
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • 32b3in201332b3in2013 Forumite
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    Hello :D

    Didn't update yesterday so I will do 2 days now

    Sunday -NSD
    Monday - £20.45
    Tuesday - £2.50

    Didn't spend as much as I thought I would yesterday so should end the week under budget :D

    SPC9 #125 - £816.85
    SPC10 #125 - £851.81
    SPC 11 #7 - £968.46
    SPC 12 #7 - £2682.90
    SPC 13 #7 - £4829.85
    SPC 14 #7 - £4173.30
  • LaconicLaconic Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Went out to Edale yesterday with a friend and spent the day climbing up,then down the escarpment. Knackering (and scary in bits for an out-of-shape, top-heavy me), but great fun. :)

    Monday: £28.55 (a taxi ride I indulged in on the way back from the station is more than half of this... not money-saving at all). The rest: water, train tickets, a loaf of bread

    Tuesday: NSD. First of the week! :)
    LBM: June 2012. Amount owed: ~£12,000
    Debt free: 15 January 2015! :)

  • Sorry Gemma to hear about your guinea pig. When my children were young we had a number of guinea pigs. I hold my head in deep shame because I accidently killed one of ours. I left the cage in the garden one lovely summer day and went to bed forgetting I had done so. The next morning I went out to find it had rained heavily overnight and the cage had filled with water. One guinea pig was fine because he had climbed up onto a wooden bridge in the cage, but the other drowned. Needless to say my children were very sad and not at all happy with me :-(

    Anyway a happy day today-- son moved into his very own first place with his girlfriend---- and from what I hear he has had a very busy day!

    As for spending:

    Sunday Tesco shop: lots of fruit (having a healthy week and making my own juices), veg, pitta bread, yoghurts, tins of stuff, kitchen cleaners, hair conditioner all came to £46.45 out of my £50.

    Monday and Tuesday have been NSD

    Enjoy your remaining baby free days ETO.

    Enjoy your week all :-)
  • Ah you must have felt awful Lucky Clover.

    Well I have spent £13.79 this evening on my meal out, I only had one lemonade but did have to eat a main AND dessert, whilst I have an excuse to. :D

    So currently at £13.79 / £65

    Need petrol but will try and hold off for a day or two longer so as to grab another NSD.
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
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