MSE News: Web licence to be compulsory for ALL internet users



  • socks_uk
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    Quote: 'We contacted the Free Web Alliance. Its spokeswoman, Eileen Johnson, told us: "This whole thing is one massive joke.'

    You don't say!
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  • englishpacker
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    It seems we can see where MSE's political bias is lying

    Perhaps Martin is after a MBE when those muppets get back into power

    Disappointed in the site, i always thought it was well balanced and not supporting any particular party
  • sellingmysoul666
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    Not funny mse is for facts and help not windups for people already feeling the pinch
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  • dutch_andy
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    April fool ;-)
  • Lilyplonk
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    Oh come on, all you moaners! Lighten up and take the joke ...............

    We've got enough to complain and be gloomy about, let's just have a laugh for a change!!!!!
  • Jojo_the_Tightfisted
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    Lilyplonk wrote: »
    Oh come on, all you moaners! Lighten up and take the joke ...............

    We've got enough to complain and be gloomy about, let's just have a laugh for a change!!!!!

    And when the £145 TV licence becomes a £300 coms licence, levied on everybody who has a phone or computer access - because they're just luxuries that mere disabled people don't deserve for free - will it still be amusing?

    It's not funny. It's likely to happen. On the same day as so many changes have taken place, it's inappropriate to suggest (for the lolz, I suppose) that when people genuinely will be considering doing without access to television to save money, that something they will have to use for job applications, dealing with benefits, keeping up social/family support when possibly forced to move long distances away from everyone they know, is going to be deliberately priced out of their reach.
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    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • shinkyshonky
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    It was a good laugh...and this one as well
    from google
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    Haters gonna hate
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    After War on Terror, truly a campagne inspired by Don Quixote,
    we now have the spark for a new war: against the control of internet.

    Like the American Rifle Association, we must safeguard our fundamental freedom to pack a network device, whenever and wherever we want.

    This maybe a hoax in the beginning, but it has become a war cry, a harbinger of titanic struggles yet to come. I call for all Net citizens to come together, and create a new Virtual Nation, with un-restricted access to the Internet as our fundamental constitutional right. We shall trade across it, socialise across it, love and hate across it, and yes, plunder, rape and loot across it.

    We shall form cyber armies in defense of this ideological land. It may not have geographical reality, but it is real enough to those who depend on and cannot live without it. Patriots of the Net, we shall die for our beloved country. Fight that monster, and don't let anyone tell you it's just a windmill.

    After billions have died fighting for our freedom to access the internet, we shall enshrine 1st April as the day it all started, and it shall forever be called Bloody Internet Day.
  • LittleBoots
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    It was a good laugh...and this one as well
    from google

    Haha, I liked that.
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