MSE News: Web licence to be compulsory for ALL internet users



  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Forumite Posts: 11,125
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    I liked the "Google nose" joke too :D
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  • Pippin12
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    Totally took me in!
  • Cornucopia
    Cornucopia Forumite Posts: 16,072
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    edited 1 April 2013 at 11:31AM
    For those of us who already have to deal with the nonsense that originates with BBC/TV licensing, this is not funny. :(

    Isn't it what's proposed in Ireland, tho?
  • JAN43DAW
    JAN43DAW Forumite Posts: 136 Forumite
  • Jojo_the_Tightfisted
    Jojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite Posts: 27,228
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    Very poor taste.
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    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • scrooged
    scrooged Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Great gag.

    Its unlikely to happen. I believe they are getting annoyed by those who use their Laptops for view iPlayer etc and don't pay for a TV license (and rightly so).

    I remember when a TV license was for watching BBC channels and then Sky came along so any need for a license? Yes, so lets make it a license for a TV instead.

    So along comes the internet and laptops and so I'll catch up online. Do I need a license? Yes, so possibly change it to extend to laptops now.

    Wonder if we will watch TV on Microwaves one day and have to buy a license for owning one of them or your watch. :)
  • spacey2012
    spacey2012 Forumite Posts: 5,836
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    BBC are already on this with Live Broadcast Internet.
    It might be funny now but wont be in 2014
    Be happy...;)
  • michaels
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    I bet this is another of those typical govt announcements that are 'exciting new policies' on the breakfast news but by midday there has been a u-turn and suddenly the idea is never mentioned again....
    I think....
  • inkypinky999
    inkypinky999 Forumite Posts: 179
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    25% off on these licenses if bought for 3 yrs....hurry in store only :))
  • Nicholas-bloody-Parsons
    Nicholas-bloody-Parsons Forumite Posts: 209 Forumite
    This is not a joke. The BBC do actually want to extend the TV licence fee to cover catch up TV and thus, iplayer, Youtube and the internet!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
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