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  • chrismbt
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    So having signed an annual contract with Primus for phone and broadband a couple of months ago I now find the line rental is increasing, and the call set-up fee is going up to 13.4p per non-inclusive call.

    Plus the broadband has never worked reliably and the phone line has a whoosing sound like you have a sea-shell to your ear. Customer services said they could see hundreds of errors on my broadband and they did get a man out from Openreach to check the line, which seemed fine when he was here. However the broadband keeps going down and the whooshing is still there. (They also asked me when it would be convenient for the engineer to call, I said afternoons were best with a few days notice. I got a call on the day he was coming to say he was coming that morning!)

    I called customer services over a week ago, they conformed there were still hundreds of errors on the broadband, and they could hear the whooshing sound, and would make an appointment for an engineer.

    I've heard nothing since.

    If the prices go up, can I withdraw from my contract?
  • jstallan
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    I called Customer services today to get Caller ID removed from my bill. I would mind, but I never asked for it in the first place - seems it's just another way of generating revenue. Let's hope they do action it as the guy said otherwise I'll be on the phone to them.

    I also inquired about the Line Rental increase (£1.20) and was told that it was allowed as they had notified me. I checked the length of my contract while I was on the phone.
  • Hi Everyone,

    In light of a few posts regarding our price increase, I thought I would post some further information that hopefully will help clarify things.

    The wholesale cost of line rental and calls has increased and consequently the package rental charges for all Primus Saver customers will increase. Please understand that is not something that we do lightly but unfortunately the telecoms industry is not immune to increased costs.

    In recent months BT, Sky, Virgin, Plusnet, O2 and Talk Talk have all announced similar increases, now although I appreciate that this probably doesn’t take the sting out of having to pay more, it does still mean that Primus Saver is still one of the lowest cost deals available.

    We appreciate that no one likes paying more for anything and of course we do not want customers to feel ‘over a barrel’ to be with Primus Saver that is why we deal every customer on a case by case basis. If the additional £1 ex VAT is causing financial hardship, then Ofcom (whom we are compliant with) do have measures in place.
    If anyone does have any queries regarding the price increase send us an email to the usual place and we will always take a personal approach to your matter.

    Kindest Regards,
  • paulfoel
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    Good morning Guys,

    This week are bills are due to arrive so we are predicting an increase in calls coming through.

    If you need to contact Primus NewCall we recommend either holding off until next week when the calls die down or contacting us via email.

    Thank you,


    So are you admitting that Primus are unable to cope with the demands of their customers?

    Hope no-one gets a problem during this period.....
    Cymru am Byth !!! :j:j:j
  • Hi Paulfoel,

    It's just a bit of friendly advice that we will be experiencing higher wait times then normal.

    If any customers do have faults though they can use the faults option and this will put them through to a faults member, alternatively they can email us and we'll get someone to call them back at a time suitable for them.

    Kindest regards,
  • bbb_uk
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    I have today received an email to say the line rental is increasing by £1.20 from April.

    Well apart from the obvious fact that it's now the 9th April and you have already increased prices I would like to refer to 19.4 of the t&c.

    Two things to point out:-

    1. It clearly states you have to provide 28 days notice and you clearly haven't done so.

    2. My line rental has increased by 17% (if my maths is correct) therefore I would call this a significant disadvantage.

    Under either of these two options you have legally broken your terms of the contract and therefore I assume that I can leave now without honouring any minimum term agreement.

    If this isn't acceptable then I shall inform Ofcom that you are breaking the terms and conditions of your contract yourselves but still not allow anyone affected by such an increase to leave their contract.
  • Misswolves
    Misswolves Forumite Posts: 10
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    I joined Primus on the 4/3/2013. This was on an 18month contract for phone and broadband with a download limit of 40GB.

    I have not been able to access my ebilling as I get a ' not authorised' error from your site. This on several computers, for the avoidance if doubt.

    I am away lecturing in the USA and my son is the only person in the house. He works six days a week.

    You have suspended the broadband service. He has rung numerous times holding for up to 45 minutes to be told that he has gone over the 40GB limit and we are due to be charged £178. This is clearly a scam by yourselves as we has the same limit with BT and never went over it.

    You have not contacted me in any manner to inform me that the limit has been reached.

    As a solicitor, I am happy to mediate with you to resolve this matter, by for example jointly appointing an expert in this field to verify the alleged useage you have stated.

    I have cancelled my direct debit to you. I will not be paying another penny to you if I do not hear from you in 30 days( your notice period,) or if the use age cannot be verified.

    I have today received an email from you stating you are also putting the telephone line prices up £1.20 from April 1st 2013.

    You cannot backdate price increases, it is unlawful and in breach of contract.

    I will take you to small claims court if this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction. I will also seek damages and my costs for any time I spend resolving this matter.

    Once you respond I will email you my username and contact details.

    This will be in contemplation of legal action.
  • Hello Everyone

    It appears that there has been a group of customers that have received the price increase notification somewhat delayed.

    All those affected customers will not be subject to the price changes from 1st April 2013.

    A communication is being sent out to those customers to explain further.

    Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused and if you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the other members of the online team.

    Many thanks
  • Good Afternoon Misswolves,

    If you can email us your account number and we will happily look into the excess usage charges for you.

    In regards to the price increase we have recently posted in regards to this issue and you will be updated soon via email/post.

    Kindest regards,
  • lizziebabe
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    I'm not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, so if not please could someone let me know.

    I have Primus with my line rental (home phone). Just now I got a phone call from a from an Asian sounding man asking for the home owner. I asked who was calling and said that I shouldn't be called as I am ex-directory and have registered with the TPS. He said something I couldn't understand (his accent was unclear) and then finished with '!!!!!'. Naturally I am quite upset and don't know who or where to register my complaint.

    The number that I got when I dialled 1471 was: 000000000

    Whatever that number is, perhaps someone knows. Thanks.
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