MSE Blog: Valentine’s Day – whose side are you on?



  • building_with_lego
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    Our anniversary is on the 4th February, and for the first few years of our relationship I found that we were enjoying chocs/flowers/fizz twice within a fortnight, but it didn't mean as much the second time. We decided to *celebrate* our anniversary, which is far more important, and ignore Valentine's Day.
    Since then I've enjoyed Valentine's much more as I feel somewhat smug about not feeling compelled to buy red and pink things, and as OH is complicit in the rebellion I feel even closer to him :p
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  • Saturnalia
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    I don't think I could be bothered with the whole big deal of Valentine's Day, but a card is nice!

    I'm with Browneyedbazzi, a practical gift would impress me more than a romantic one would.

    One thing that makes me cringe is the huge bouquets delivered to work. I'd hate the public display, I'd actually find it embarrassing. And how do you get the flowers home on the Tube without them getting crushed? Plus I'd be upset at £50+ worth of flowers that will die within a fortnight! I'd prefer gig tickets or books if someone is going to spend that amount of money on me. Though I'm clearly not normal, most women seem to find that romantic.

    And the overpriced restaurant meal thing - I'd rather be taken to the Science Museum and that's free!
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  • thehappybutterfly
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    I'm not in the slightest bit interested in hearts and flowers, love notes and soft music. Eurgh! I do like to be spolied though on special days like Valentines or Mother's Day - by getting the day off! That's all. If someone will sort out the food shopping and cooking just that one day, I'm happy. Keep your overpriced cards and flowers.

    The other day we were remembering those giant padded cards you used to get in the 80's. Valentines Day wasn't complete without sending or receiving one of them! Can you imagine how much you'd be for one of them in Cl!ntons nowadays? :eek:
  • Mayflower10cat
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    Even after 25 years together, we do send Valentine cards to each other. Often homemade. If I buy a little present for husband, it'll be something that made me smile. Usually cat themed. This year I've ordered the just released book from a much loved author/illustrator, which she's signed for us, from a lovely independent mill shop. I shall read it out loud to him in bed, unless husband has other, more nefarious activities in mind....!
  • Saturnalia
    Saturnalia Forumite Posts: 2,051 Forumite
    Aww. Reading to each other is very romantic!

    Ok, it's February so the weather probably won't play ball, but going stargazing would be my dream date! Again, a freebie.
    Public appearances now involve clothing. Sorry, it's part of my bail conditions.
  • katie1812
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    It is a load of rubbish I think... I mean we buy each other cards and this year is the first year we aren't buying pressies. But who needs one day to tell each other you love them. I tell my husband everyday and he tells me everyday too. To me, that's how it should be :)
    Married my wonderful husband on 8/9/12 :j
  • Chickvic
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    We're the same, neither of us are particularly romantic but he is my soul mate and doing the simple things together all the time make a difference. I mentioned to my mother that my old romantic had seen a card in the supermarket and said "Shall we not bother this year?" My mother had a fit! It means you're not making time for each other, you're growing apart etc. I just pointed out I love him all the year round and didn't need a naff card to prove it! We have been together 20 years and we always tell each other we love each other every day.
    He's on nights anyway so how romantic is that?!:rotfl:
  • victory
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    In Morris today a bunch of red roses £45:eek::eek: I asked if anyone buys them at that price " yes she said, the desperate ones that panic late on valentines day, the ones that didn't know it was valentines day"

    Wow with all the ads, the flyers, the magazines etc how could you not know what day/ date it was:D
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
  • Erinnire
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    I'm not bothered by valentines day. Find all the hype cringe worthy. But my boyfriend isn't very romantic but I know he has got something planned for valentines day. So it is nice that he has thought about me.

    But now there is so much pressure on me to do something for him and I only have two days to sort something!
  • VK-2008
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    think valentines is just a rip off however i do like a card from dh each year
    we used to do gifts, meals out, overnights etc but not we are married and settled i dont see the need for it neither does he
    we love each other but dont need a special day to celebrate it
    :A VK :A
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