My Sis and Windows 8

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Yesterday, I spent about two hours on the phone to my dear Sister, trying to help her get her new Windows 8 endowed laptop to work. As a Vista user, I start off by knowing zilch about 8. I could however Google for help and relay this to her over the phone.
Naturally, I don't know how clearly she understood the help I was trying to give. Or of course what she was doing.
It did occur to me that if at least I could get her online she could access the same Google help I was looking for.
So, could anyone give me a short blow by blow description, of how to at least get her from signing in and start up, to getting the computer to "see" her BT router. She does have an ethernet cable to pyshically connect the router to the laptop, and I did wonder if simply plugging this in might stimulate the computer into offering her a connection wizard. Going forward the computer should also operate through wifi, but I am thinking, "One step at a time." To indicate my problems, we would have spent a good hour trying to find the @ sign so she could put her email address into the machine. I can see how we should be able to fix that.
Any help re the internet access problems will be very gratefully received.


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