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Eon energy reviews: Give your feedback

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Eon energy reviews: Give your feedback

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This is a feedback thread on energy supplier

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  • Did your switch go smoothly??
  • Have you had problems since?
  • Is it easy to contact?
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  • Have used Eon for a numberof years and always found them to be helpful with an queries or concerns raised either by email or on the phone. Reluctant to leave them but like to chase the best prices... won't be an easy decision.
  • MorNoMorNo Forumite
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    Am in the same position. The only problem that I have ever had with Eon was when trying to switch elsewhere. They convinced me not to do it but the process had gone too far and I was charged for leaving then lost a bonus for now being a 'new' customer. The lesson to learn was get all the details straight before you act. (They could offer a better deal than the 'new' one once all the extras were taken in to account)
    Now looking at cheaper deals using cheap energy club but handy links are showing issues with the alternative companies. Might just stick with Eon again - better service for a very little more money?
  • DragonQDragonQ Forumite
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    I liked E.On when I was with them, no issues that I can remember.

    The only annoying thing was that they called me once I'd chosen to leave them for another supplier, asking why I was leaving. I explained that I was moving to a fixed rate tariff (no initial saving) because E.On were clearly going to put their prices up in January 2013, since the other 5 of the "big 6" already had, and E.On had a promise not to increase prices until then.

    I was told vehemently that they weren't putting prices up...what he meant of course was that they hadn't announced any price rises. He suggested I was silly to "assume" that E.On would put their prices up.

    Lo and behold, E.On put their prices up as soon as they could, just as everyone predicted.
  • libra10libra10 Forumite
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    Last year we were thinking of leaving Eon to gain better prices, however the phone assistant persuaded us to stay with them. She said by taking out their Track & Save tariff and paying by DD, we would save £100 through the year.

    Although I prefer paying for fuel actually used, I was persuaded to opt into the new account.

    However, nine months in, we are now in debt by over £200, and Eon have increased our DD by almost £30 per month!

    Although we've experienced a bitterly cold Spring and used more energy, I did not expect such a huge deficit to have built up.

    When the tariff ends, we will be comparing prices again.
  • lemontartlemontart Forumite
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    Never had any probs with Eon both as customer and in professional dealings staff helpful, always feel they are being truthful, bills clear and easy to understand, their website user friendly.
    I am responsible me, myself and I alone I am not the keeper others thoughts and words.
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  • valeriej43valeriej43 Forumite
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    I am sick of eons mistakes, ii am now nearing the end of my age UK tarriff,and the next if not switched to a standard tarriff will be £135 a month DD, more than a weeks pension, i have had so many mistakes made because i was previously with them on staywarm, at fist i was told just after joining them this tim
    I was told when i rejoined on age uk that £86 a month would cover my fue;l usage, comparing their prices with my previous supplier
    After receiving my first bill on age uk,. i was told i was underpaying, it has been one big mix up, and fed up of EON they change their story so many times of why i am having so many problems
    I cut my electricity usage last November ,drastically, and was then told it had made a big difference, yesterday told my useage it very high again, a different story again, also told i used £600 worth of fuel last summer, must be wrong, i am looking into changing again, any hints as to who is worthy of looking into
  • Former_E.ON_Company_Representative:_MalcFormer_E.ON_Company_Representative:_Malc Organisation Representatives - Private Messages may not be monitored
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    Hi Valerie

    Have just replied on the other thread you commented on at the link below.

    Hope this helps.

    Official Company Representative
    I am an official company representative of E.ON. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
  • stewartjrlstewartjrl Forumite
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    I have been with them (and previously Powergen) for a good number of years and they have continued to appear far more efficient in every respect than others I have used before. Their prices have nearly always appeared at the top of the "best list" and when there have been possible savings offered these have been too minuscule to bother with. Having said that there are now some longer-term fixes being offered elsewhere so like other contented contributors here it is worthwhile looking into the competition more seriously.
    Incidentally with only some common sense measures I have kept my family bills more or less constant for 4 years and the previous 2 years were considerable cheaper than in 2010 so I certainly cannot fault E.ON on this score !
  • I switched to Eon using Uswitch and they gave us a DD £60 pcm lower than the previous supplier. They insisted it was correct and then failed to do the six month check to see if it was in fact correct. Upshot was we were were £800 in debit at the anniversary. They upped the DD and we are just clearing it now. We could have paid it off, but on principle I wouldn't. It was their fault, they had to wait for it. I would never use them again, and certainly would advise others that any DD could be set artificially low to gain your custom. If it seems low....don't accept their word for it.

    We won't be their customers for much longer.
  • Hi, can the EON Co. Rep tell me if I switch to EON on line, today, will I get my fixed tariff at today's price or the price it will be when the switch is confirmed. Another question that anyone can answer is, why does it take so long to switch suppliers?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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