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Poll Title: Poll Started 1 May 2007: What could you live without? If money were tight and you had to live without one of the following 'necessities' of a modern lifestyle...which would you choose?

B. Mobile Phone
C. Internet/computer
D. Foreign holiday

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  • catkinscatkins Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I haven't had a proper holiday for 3 years and have not been abroad on holiday for 9 years so I certainly do not see holidays as "necessities". I could live without a tv as long as I had music to listen to. I also could probably live without a mobile phone. I really could not imagine giving up the internet though - things would have to be really really bad for me to even thing of it!
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  • ceebeebyceebeeby Forumite
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    TV could go ....

    You'd have to plastic surgically remove my mobile from me, I'd miss everyone from here too much to do without the internet and I would be the B!TCH from hell without holidays!!!!
  • Tam_LinTam_Lin Forumite
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    I could give up all of those things if necessary, but I'd miss the computer the most.
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  • nmcnelisnmcnelis Forumite
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    I know i'm in the minority so far but i think computer/internet is the obvious one to give up. I get free internet usage at work and even if i didn't i could use it at the library. That way i save the money but don't really have to give up anything.
  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    No contest mobile phone. I got a house phone and there are phone boxes if you need to ring someone. Mine normally gets used when I'm out with my wife to find her when she wonders off.
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  • mikeywillsmikeywills Forumite
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    I can't believe so many people said foreign holiday, it might be a while since I went on one, n=but I would rather that than the cancer inducing block sat along side me at the mo. I hate mobile phones:mad:

    I hate the naff ring tones, the constant need to update it, ones with camera attached, all the extra services you get and most of all the unwanted texts about some naff reality tv show etc that I have no desire to know anything about.

    Ah... rant over:D
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  • rdwarrrdwarr Forumite
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    I think it was the notion that a foreign holiday was deemed a "necessity" that most people found surprising. It's still a luxury that many cannot afford.
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    rdwarr I take your point, but many would say the same about a mobile phone or all the others. It's all a question of perspective - that's the fun of the question :)
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  • JakejakejakeJakejakejake Forumite
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    D Foreign holiday for me as i don't go abroad anyway!
  • arthur_dent_2arthur_dent_2 Forumite
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    I chose a mobile phone, as I don't have one anyway. Also I have only been abroad for 1 week and 1 weekend in the whole of my 30 years so that could easily go. TV is completely downloadable or available on DVD so the only one I really really couldn't live without is the Internet.
    Loving the dtd thread. x
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