Real-life MMD: Should I sneakily keep some of ex's deposit for cleaning?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I sneakily keep some of ex's deposit for cleaning?

When I moved in with my partner, we split the £800 deposit. When she moved out, we agreed we'd sort out monies owed once I finally left and the deposit was returned. I've just got the £800 back, and my ex has forgotten how much we put in and only asked for £300. I spent ages cleaning the flat at the end of the tenancy (she didn't help) so am tempted to only give her the £300 she's asked for.

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  • benedictadams
    benedictadams Forumite Posts: 926
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    I would find out from the person or company you rented the flat from as to how much would they have with-held from amount you got back if the flat hadn't been cleaned

    I would then go to ex and remind her that when she moved out that she didn't bother to help with getting the flat looking presentable and as such the letting agent took x amount from the original deposit, and you are giving her half the amount which you got back

    Or find out how much a company would have cost to do a deep clean and give her the £400 minus her 50% for the cleaning company cost

    After all why should your time be valued at nothing
    Debt of £6300 cleared in 5 years, now ZERO
  • VT82
    VT82 Forumite Posts: 1,077
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    Keep it.

    I wouldn't even complicate it with any formulas; if you come up with a figure for her that's less than £300, she'll want more detail and will end up wanting £400 once she knows the facts. I wouldn't come up with a figure for her that's more than £300 but less than £400 - ditto.

    You get £100 extra no questions asked. You deserve some extra for cleaning. £100 is about right. Your ex doesn't probe any further as she thinks you're all square. Don't stir up any other trouble, just take it and walk away.
  • darkwarrior
    darkwarrior Forumite Posts: 234
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Keep it, shouldn't even be a dilemma. Especially since she didn't help you clean up the place.
  • androidgamer
    androidgamer Forumite Posts: 37
    Tenth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    hmmm, depends on how good of friends you are now (want to be) as if she did find out it was £400 that she is owed, is £100 worth ending a good friendship/ relationship?

    if it was me I'd keep it, if you hadn't cleaned up she would have nothing (and neither would you)...but seeing as you did all of the leg and arm work who is she to argue...

    see which of these are more likely, as only you will know...

    1. keep it and never look back, she's an ex? :wave:

    2. give her the £100 owed, as you want to keep her as a friend and she is impressed with your honesty? :kisses3:

    3. she know's it was £400 and is just testing your honesty? :naughty:
    4. she hasn't a clue and by giving her the £100, she thinks your a push over? smileys-money-114847.gif
  • reluctantworkingmum
    reluctantworkingmum Forumite Posts: 126 Forumite
    Did you ask her to help? Or did you just move out and tell her after?
    If the first - then keep it with a clear conscience.
    If the second - you are not entitled to it, so give her back her share!
  • StacFace
    StacFace Forumite Posts: 370
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    I'd definitely keep it. She asked for £300, so give her £300. As others have said, giving any other amount will just lead to further problems.
  • bogwart
    bogwart Forumite Posts: 117 Forumite
    Seriously? What kind of person are you? I think your ex had a close call and was lucky to break up with someone who'd screw her out of a measly £100.
  • robynprincess
    robynprincess Forumite Posts: 46 Forumite
    Erm it's your mess you cleaned up after, she moved out and you stayed there. Over time it gets dirtier if not cleaned properly and she moved out before you so more of the mess left was yours. There's no way you should keep it.
  • R_P_W
    R_P_W Forumite Posts: 1,503
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Keep it, dont spend anymore time worrying about something so trivial and move on....
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Forumite Posts: 484
    Part of the Furniture
    Nahhhhh I would just give back half. If they found out you had kept the £100 they will have you down as a thief!

    Not a good look.........
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