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cloth nappies

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    Should be absolutely fine, but I'd give an extra rinse to get rid of as much powder residue as possible. Do you use white vinegar in the rinse cycle? That is also a good way of getting rid of excess powder and softening the nappies.
  • ElsewhereElsewhere Forumite
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    If you rinse or soak the soiled nappies in plain water before washing, tip the water on your flowerbeds, it's wonderful, especially for hydrangeas.
  • I used bumgenius too on my little one and they are amazing. We even used them overnight (with an extra pad in it) and no leaks. Popped her in a disposable one day when I didn't have any bumgenius dry - poo everywhere!
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    I use 1tbsp fairy non bio powder to wash mine. Just make sure all suds are washed out
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  • I only use normal powder for mine, just watch for too many suds....Not read the full thread but some tips...if the forecast weather wise is abit dubious, never worry about leaving them out in the rain as it strips any build up in the nappy, frost is also good for your nappies it softens and whitens them.
    As for nappy brands Ive always found the bambino mio pre folds the best, Ive tried pretty and more expensive to use but always found these the best for my 3 :)
    Good luck on your nappy journey!

    p.s if you have facebook type in cloth nappies at the top and there are quite a few support pages and selling pages.
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