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cloth nappies

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  • GillyxGillyx Forumite
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    If only that were true. Mine crawled like lightening in his, and is running around like a maniac with them on and he's not yet 1.

    If it were true, you could make a fortune :D
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    Lozzy88Lozzy88 Forumite
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    Really useful information thank you.

    I do love the look of the bumgenius nappys and may buy a few bits to try but price wise for the terry nappys are really appealing as I just know if I don't get on with them I won't sell them regardless of how much I will of payed am just a bit weird like that lol.

    So the terry towlimg square things, nappy clips and any liners or do they make them specially for the terry one, also I can see you tube becoming my best friend as I wouldn't know where to start with folding them, am off to google now! :D:D:D

    Also I keep reading about a bucket, does anyone have one and if so what do you do with it please?
  • GillyxGillyx Forumite
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    I don't know about terrys and folds and things, too complicated for me but youtube will be your friend there and your mum maybe? My Mum used terrys with me :)

    Bucket, I dry pail the nappies, so just tip any poo down the loo (or if its breastmilk poo it can be left as it is) so tip the poo, store nappy in bucket, then when it comes to wash, cold rinse, normal wash at 40 with half dosage of powder (not liquid or gels) and then if any suds left, do another rinse. Don't use fabric softner, it can affect absorbency. Amazon do nappy buckets with a lid for around £6 and they're quite big. x
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  • I also dry pail , I add a few drops of tea tree oil into the bucket as an odour control, then I have a net bag that fits inside and I put nappies into that, after puting solids down loo. (if nappy has a lot of wet poo i hold a corner of the nappy whilst i flush the loo to give it a quick rinse) then when I need to wash just lift out the net bag and chuck in wash as is, the nappies come out of the bag during the wash.
  • GillyxGillyx Forumite
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    Oh yes, the little net bags are brill, we have one too. Means you don't have to touch any of the dirty nappies x
    The frontier is never somewhere else. And no stockades can keep the midnight out.
  • Just made me think... reading the comments about crawling:

    When DS was a few months old we had to take him to the physio and she advised us to really make sure that the elastic round the legs was nicely tucked in and positioned right at the top of the leg in the joint. When they're so small it's quite easy to have the elastic a bit lower and this can restrict movement a bit.
    We use BumGenius btw and had a few problems with leaks in the beginning, but this advice also seemed to help a bit with that too.
  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    I used terry squares on my 3. No fancy folds, just rolled into a sausage and put inside a wrap. I did try various kite folds, but couldn't be bothered with the faff of pins/nippers

    Am still using them 18yrs later, they make fantastic cleaning cloths lol
  • 4nnabella4nnabella Forumite
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    I knew from early on in my pregnancy that I wanted to give cloth nappies a go, and was one who made the fatal error of buying a stash of nappies and the rest of the kit before our daughter was born. However, as luck would have it, the nappies we opted for (Fuzzibunz Elite pockets) are fab, and fit my daughter well. She is now 1, and our stash has extended to include Totsbots Easyfits, Bumgenius (v3s, v4s, and Freetimes), Close Parents Pop-Ins, Grovia Hybrids, Peachy Greens and a few custom pretties. I think the only nappy we didn’t get on with when I tried it was an Itti Bitti Tutto, as it seemed quite stiff and inflexible, but I haven’t tried their sized nappies (the Itti Bitti d’lish). At nighttime we use Totsbots Bamboozle Stretchies with a wrap. They are fab and easily last us the 11/12 hours my daughter sleeps for. You can also use wool or fleece ‘soakers’, little shorts that go over a nappy, instead of a wrap. Wool items need to be made waterproof by soaking them in water with lanolin added. Fleece is just magical. As fleece is naturally water repellent, it keeps the dampness in, whilst also allowing the nappy to ‘breathe’ and some wetness to evaporate.

    If you are on Facebook there is quite a community of groups of Cloth Bum Mums (and some Dads) and also groups for selling and swapping preloved nappies. If you buy a nappy to try and don’t get on with it, the sales groups are quite fast moving and it’s normally not very difficult to sell it on and recoup some, if not all, of your outlay.

    We do similar to others, use fleece liners, poo goes down the loo, nappy into bucket and wash every two days. Wash is cold rinse (helps remove any remaining poo particles and prevents hot wash from setting smells/stains), 40 degree wash (60 degree wash if nappies are particularly poo-ridden) and a couple of rinse cycles to remove remaining powder residue. Fabric conditioner is not advised, as others have said it will affect nappy absorbency, however you *can* use Bold 2 in 1 (the Lavender and Camomile or White Lily/Crystal Rain fragrances, NOT the ones with added Lenor) as the softener is clay-based, not oil-based. You can also get specific ‘nappy’ washing powder, Totsbots Potion, or one called Rockin’ Green, although these are more expensive.
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  • alamayaalamaya Forumite
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    go to thenappylady.co.uk. You fill out a questionairre based on your needs and she advises you.

    We started with tots bots bamboozle stretchies plus wrap. Now my stash includes bumgenius freetimes, tots bots easyfit, itti bitti delish and little lambs microfibre.

    Its addictive you have been warned. :)
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  • Hi,
    I had a quick question (hopefully someone will see soon as my nappies are already in the washing machine!)

    We're in the middle of building work chaos and I can't find my non-enzyme powder for the nappy wash.
    Can anyone recommend something from usual household products? I have normal wash powder, bicarb, vinegar for example.
    Would one wash with normal powder be so bad??
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