Death, Executor, and Grief



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    I do so empathise with OP.

    Grief is something that has to be hidden most of the time. Others are uncomfortable around it, and the grieving person is expected to be OK in days. Get over it, life goes on, yada yada.

    It is NOT like that in the real world though. How could it be?

    But it is a process. Over time the raw howling awful pain will ease. You may not believe that now, but it is true. Dad will never be forgotten, but you will accept the loss eventually.

    Today is the 12th Anniversary of my lovely Dads death, and I am in tears right now. but I will be ok tomorrow.

    Hugs to all those grieving.
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    hello, this thread has helped me. i have never posted my stuff or aired my emotional laundry in public - i tend to keep things to myself, but tonight i found out that my mum has only a few days to live, im an only child, she is a single parent, she's been my rock, my inspiration, my role model, my mentor, my friend, etc etc and ive seen her deteriorate over the years since having her leg amputated above the knee (diabetes), losing her mind so now she can't communicate and is now falling in and out of conciousness. she's been in a nursing home in torquay for seven years. i live in london and am self-employed with a low income and a partner out of work, so its getting to be a bit tough.
    just wanted to say that this thread has helped me and i will checkout the cruse website, and to all of you who have suffered loss i send you good vibes and best wishes and hope for tomorrow.
    thats all, thank you
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