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Ask Atos Healthcare disability assessment questions

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  • JS477 wrote: »
    Facts now there's a word you rarely hear Atos using!


    He doesn't do them.
  • Fridge3 wrote: »
    Fact is the facts are there. As posted. Hardly anyone else's fault if they don't suit your agenda.

    You don't do facts.
  • schrodie wrote: »
    The facts certainly are there and as a result our MPs have castigated Atos for treating the sick and disabled in an inhumane way such that Atos aren't fit for purpose and are in the 'last chance saloon'!!

    Those Fridge 3/Atos PR rep are the facts and no matter how hard you troll around this forum you'll never ever change them.

    No use telling him - he doesn't do them.
  • Fridge3 wrote: »
    I've never said atos lie about people.

    Well, you're not being paid to, are you?

    Fridge3 wrote: »
    That's people perception when they don't get the result they expect.

    Just on account of their awful reputation, people do get the result they expect - and not in a good way.
  • Fridge3 wrote: »
    All the MP's have done this? Or is it a minority? Another review later, the alarmists will still propagate the usual claims it's not independent, MP's are in it together etc etc.

    MPs are in it together, though. Politicians are, and have been the world over for quite some time.

    And when you say 'independent', who do you mean? Is this that mythical 'independent scrutiny' you're alluding to again?

    Fridge3 wrote: »
    Those are the facts, along with the stats as posted. Claiming they aren't just because you say so and because the numbers don't fit your agenda just isn't credible.

    You shouldn't keep asserting what facts are - you don't do them.
  • Important update! We have recently reviewed and updated our Forum Rules and FAQs. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version.
  • Fridge3 wrote: »
    Not hoping for anything, just posting the facts as they are sicknote. That you don't like or agree with them is your concern.

    Again, you don't do facts.
  • well i sat here this morning waiting for a taxi to pick me up for A to ssers....... to be told they forgot to book a taxi we will have to make you another appointment ?????? :mad:

    Wouldn't worry about it - it's a small error on their part.

    They forgot to implement a decent system as well - or decency in general, for that matter.
  • Mordred12 wrote: »
    Two Quick questions for the Atos rep.

    I was watching a debate on Atos and one conservative mp noted that the general public had lost faith in Atos, that Atos was not trusted by the public.

    This must be the first correct thing a Tory MP has said in a long time.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    Now my Mum is maybe going to be called in for an Atos assessment very soon, and I have noticed that a person on this thread claims to work for Atos,

    He's tried to claim he doesn't work for them - unconvincingly.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    Now he clearly is very bias against people on benefits, you only have to read other threads on this forum to learn that. Now lets say my Mum gets this person assessing her at her medical, How is his already bias stance going to affect the medical?

    The 'doctor' will likely state that he's not responsible for the final decision and will take great pains to convince you of this.

    If he does, then this is code for 'you haven't got enough points'.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    So the question's I ask the Atos Rep are..... Are the Atos doctor impartial with regards to the medical?

    No - but then the doctor's 'judgement' is 'assisted' by the program (called LIMA) used to enter the details on his little screen.

    It's basically a loaded, limited, discriminatory software system which forms the basis of an inaccurate - if not outrright dishonest - 'report'.

    The 'doctor' will show no more professional expertise than a call-centre jockey, but then doctors with a conscience or some kind of professional ethic either don't last long at Atoss, or wouldn't sell themselves so short as to work for them in the first place.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    And two is their any connection between any of the Atos Reps and Fridge3?

    They're one and the same.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    I must say that I very much doubt that Fridge3 as anything to do with Atos,

    No, he works for them. Spends far too much time defending them to be anything else.

    Mordred12 wrote: »
    but if he does I really don't think a company who deals with benefit claimants every day should really employ someone who is so bias against benefit claimants. If this is the mindset of employees at your company, no wonder nobody trusts your company.

    It is the mindset of employees at his company. Look at the guy! Would you trust this Danny Baker-looking muppet with your health?
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    Olive_OylOlive_Oyl Forumite
    198 posts
    edited 6 February 2013 at 1:35AM
    Fridge3 wrote: »
    My role requires hard work and determination to deliver results. Results that lead to further work by recommendation. None of that comes from backstabbing which, clearly you appear more informed on than me.

    Can I ask you a simple question Fridge.

    Why are you defending ATOS? you're the only person on the thread that hasn't been subjected to their criteria ?

    Just for the record here is a link to the ATOS replies

    That would be one on the 5th and the same on the 4th, Then nada until the first of Feb .

    The thread is a complete disaster .
    Never tell .
  • RakshaRaksha Forumite
    4.6K posts
    Part of the Furniture
    Any hope of ATOS even finding any questions in what has become a school ground argument has got to be zero now
    Please forgive me if my comments seem abrupt or my questions have obvious answers, I have a mental health condition which affects my ability to see things as others might.
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