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The Great 'how do you stop fruit and veg rotting' Hunt



  • sorry if this is a silly question but is it necessary to get 4 diff hessian/preserving bags? Do onions, mushrooms, potatoes and other veg need to be separated and kept in other bags? or can say potatoes and onions be kept in the same bag?:rotfl::
  • Jo4
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    aloiseb wrote: »
    The green bags from Lakeland are called Stayfresh Longer bags - see
    or search under Stayfresh on their website.

    They do work very well, especially for salads and greens. I normally expect to buy reduced veg and still use it a week later, as the bags somehow stops it going off.(They are probably impregnated with bicarb or something?)

    Also you can wash them out and re-use them a few times - it seems to stop working in the end (much to my family's disgust - they don't like the look of them draped over milk bottles on the sink, but then they didn't pay for them and I did!)

    I haven't tried the cheaper version as we don't seem to have them in our local 99p shop , but I would if I ever saw them.

    Re Tupperware: you can still buy it via Ebay - there's a LOT of second hand relatively new stuff, and it does go in the dishwasher (except the seals, or they won't any more!)

    I'm going to try the foil tip for cucumber, as it always seems to fall out of my Stayfresh bags. teenager action i expect....:cool:

    Thanks! :T They were the only bags I could find but since they were not exactly the same name as the op stated I wasn't sure if they were the right bags.

    Does any know if cheaper versions are available in B&M, Factory Shop, Poundland or Home Bargains as I will not be near any of these shops until Saturday?
  • Everyone should have a Fresh Pod in their fridge or fruit bowl. It keeps all fruit and veg going for upto four times longer than normal works with organic produce and save a fortune by delaying the ripening of fresh produce - completely safely as well. It also kills nasty moulds and bacteria which lurk in the fridge. I have saved hundreds of pounds not throwing out spolit fruit and vegetables. Brilliant invention costs pence and is much more environmentally friendly than using plastic to keep things fresh. You can buy them on line.
  • I make my own mixed salads & manage to keep them fresh for several days in the fridge by storing them in one of those clip top plastic boxes; Pyrex containers with plastic lids or any bowl covered in cling film work too. Cut cucumbers lengthways and remove & throw away seeds before slicing up and tear up lettuce leaves-if cut with a knife the edges turn brown quickly. Don't add tomatoes to the salad-serve them separately.
    Home made fruit salad stored in a similar way keeps well too. I put a small amount of lemon juice in bottom of container (from a bottle is fine) and toss chopped apples first, then add peeled chopped or sliced oranges with their juice. There's no need for a sugar syrup. Don't add pears, melon or banana but most other fruits can be added. I always have an apple & orange base & add two or three other fruits to them. I find pineapple. kiwi, grapes,mango, papaya and blueberries keep well in this sort of fruit salad-strawberries and raspberries go a bit soft after about two days-otherwise it should last up to five days.
  • Never put bananas in a bowl with other fruit they ripen too quickly. Intead hang them up on a hook.
  • If you ever find yourself with a surplus of apples they store supremely well bedded down in dried nettles in, say, banana boxes in the usual cool, dark place (garage, spare bedroom). After the apples are all eaten you can use the nettles to make a good, strong tea which, when lukewarm, serves as a marvellous hair "shampoo"/conditioner.
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    Does a 'crisper' have properties that a sealed tupperware type tub doesnt give?
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    I use a product called 'Market Day', it costs £1 from my local indoor market (the stall which sells household cleaning products etc) and lasts for about 6 weeks.

    It helps to keep fruit and veg fresher in the fridge fruit/veg drawers for longer and it definately works for me, especially soft fruits.

    I think it is some sort of mini dehumidifier sachet - I tend to just leave the old ones in as a boost.

    I also line my fruit/veg drawer with the green stuff you see at the grocers which seems to aid air flow.

    A tip for lettuce- never cut it with a metal knife, just peel and tear with hands to prevent it discolouring at the edges.
  • Never keep bananas in a fruit bowl with other fruits .They give off a gas which ripens other fruit quickly.This can be turned to your advantage as if you want to ripen tomatoes put them in a paper bag with a banana and green tomatoes will soon turn red
    I also have found fruit and veg from Lidl goes off quicker than stuff bought from other supermarkets
  • Figgerty
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    Meadows wrote: »
    'how do you stop fruit and veg rotting'

    Buying quality in the first place :( I occasionally buy from Lidl and I don't know why as half the stuff is no good and I should know better!
    Bought a Mango, Brussels and Pears on Sunday. Two days ago had to throw the mango out as when I cut into it it was black throughout. The Brussels have all had to be blanched so I can get to eat them as they were not a pretty sight on the outer leaves, the pears really need to be eaten and may manage a few more days if we make a special effort to eat them!
    I also find Morrison's is not so hot for fruit & vegetables.

    As for keeping them, I use Ever Fresh Green Bags with clip its and keep in my Vegetable draw of the fridge Broccoli-08.jpg

    I line my fridge Vegetable and Fruit draw with a Fruit and Vegetable Cushion (I keep Fruit away from Vegetables and Bananas away from all to slow the ripening and stay fresher longer), the cushioning effect and porous construction of this special matting allows air to circulate, preventing mould and bruising.

    I use a Banana bag, when kept in the fridge, they provide bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to prevent it blackening. They last ages in these bags.12159_1?$380$

    And for Potatoes, Onions & Mushrooms (mushrooms I keep in the fridge, potatoes and onions on a veg rack in a cool utility room) I use 31pdjxiXJlL._SL500_SS100_.jpg41gGeF17Z9L._SL500_SS100_.jpg31tCVG35ggL._SL500_SS100_.jpg

    For Garlic I use 21ypSg%2BD2GL._SL500_AA300_.jpg kept in the fridge.
    (For bread I use 41FPeMS1PrL._SL500_SS100_.jpg kept in a large Ceramic Bread Crock).

    I find if I have quality Fruit & Vegetables they will last a long time stored in these bags, so although they cost to buy initially they more than pay for themselves by preserving the food!

    Thank you for such an informative post and the pictures of all the different bags. The only one I have in my home is the bread bag and that works quite well. Where did you buy the other containers?
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