The Great 'how do you stop fruit and veg rotting' Hunt

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Great 'how do you stop fruit and veg rotting' Hunt

Whether you've bought it or grown it, too many of us don't use it all. So we want to share your tips on what you do to prolong the life of different types of fruit and veg. Give us tips for bananas and melons alike.

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  • Lakeland Plastics make amazing stay fresh bags that are impregnated with a mineral that absorbs the gasses that ripen fruit and veg. They come in a pack of 20 and are quite expensive at £7 ish but they work and I keep produce in the fridge with a plastic clip at the top of the bag and rarely have to throw anything away. A really good product that works!
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    We grew too many chillis this year. I dried them and put them into jars (and gave some as presents!).
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    I have a friend who swears by these kinds of bags. Has anyone bought them?
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    We have got an hessian bag for spuds which we bought of ebay. Alot cheaper than the Betterware ones in that link. It works on home grown as they are kept cool, dark and dry. It dosn't work as well on supermarket spuds.

    Other veggies we freeze.

    Berries can be frozen.

    Only buy what you can eat in a short period of time.
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    Put a sheet of kitchen paper in with salads, soft fruits and veg in the fridge. It makes them keep much longer, esp pre-packed salads or ones you have made up yourself :)

    I also put one at the bottom of the fruit bowl and it helps keep them fresh for longer :)
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    green bags


    vacuum sealing



    fermentation eg sauerkraut


    using sugar eg jam


    all are searchable on the net. I do all the above, have a massively full storecupboard and waste nothing from my allotment. Most preserves last a very long time
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    I keep my spuds in the dark,in a outside store,in an old cotton pillow case ,keeps them ages,
    I usually only buy potatoes once a week
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    I have a friend who swears by these kinds of bags. Has anyone bought them?

    I bought a potato and onion bag from poundland (looks like the fourth pic along at the top) and they definitely make a difference. I've kept spuds longer than ever before!

    The poundland ones are lined and have a drawstring too.
  • When you buy a bunch of bananas split them up into singles because they ripen quicker when attached to each other
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  • I do my shopping monthly. I buy at least 2 weeks worth of fruit and veg. Except for bananas, potatoes and onions everything goes into the fridge. I remove all plastics bags and use kitchen roll to separate things. Tonight we had Savoy cabbage bought 3 weeks ago and it tasted lovely in bubble and squeak!
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