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The Great 'how do you stop fruit and veg rotting' Hunt



  • Spuds in the sack in the cupboard under the stairs. Carrots and onions, plus anything else root related in a cardboard box in there. Garlic in a bowl on the kitchen windowsill, tomatoes and avocados, citrus fruit in another bowl.

    Kiwis keep for weeks in a paper bag in the fridge but put on windowsill when wanting them to ripen more (they get a honey like taste if left until the last minute before eating).

    All greenery gets taken out any plastic and put in fridge will kitchen roll, broccoli gets treated like a cut flower and is vastly improved as a result.

    The key is to reduce moisture.

    Other than that, buy what you need and can store safe and dry, don't buy ten bags of it because it's got a yellow sticker on it.
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  • jago25_98
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    Carrots in sand or rice.
    Since they are actually porus, wash eggs, then in oil such as olive oil. There was something they used to put them in like gel-o in the old days - what was it called?

    It's a matter of either keeping moist or keeping dry or keeping out the air.. or in!
    The confusing thing is that what works for somethings (i.e. keep air out), it's the reverse for others.

    Need a tablet for reference after this thread has run a bit
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  • Cut a small slice from the bottom (root) end of a head of celery and stand it in a glass of water in the kitchen.

    Keep bananas separate from other fruit - use overripe ones in smoothies or to make banana bread.

    Separate the stems of any unused fresh cut herbs and freeze them - or buy herb plants/grow from seed as they last longer.
  • LameWolf
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    When you buy a bunch of bananas split them up into singles because they ripen quicker when attached to each other
    Gosh, I didn't know that... I get Mr LW to split them up if they're in a bunch because my hands are so bad that I can't break one off the bunch, so I'm inadvertently doing the right thing!:D Indeed, the market stall I use often sells bags of "single" bananas at a discount, because people don't want to buy them that way, they want bunches, so if those are available, that's what we get.:o

    OK, here's some things I do, in no particular order:

    I use these in the fridge;
    but you need to take them out once a week and clean any accumulated condensation out, and dry the cushion. The whole point is they keep the condensation away from the produce, but it does collect underneath.

    Spuds - in their paper sack in the spare room; they seem to keep fine there. We take them out of the sack and lay them out on newspaper for 24 hours when we get them home; this means any damp mud on them dries and if there's a lot, can be chipped off; so it doesn't sit in the sack damp to turn the spuds manky. Also, that way I get to pick out any that are large enough to use for jacket spuds.;)

    Chop and freeze pineapple, for use on pizza etc.

    Freeze most soft fruit. It won't be as firm when you defrost it, but there are any number of recipes that you can use it in.

    Over-ripe bananas - make banana ice cream.

    Make jam.

    Make wine. Even wizened potatoes can be used to make wine. (NB- tomatoes cannot be used for wine-making)

    Lemons - slice and freeze for use in tea (I don't like milk in my tea, I like a slice of lemon instead)

    Bendy-veg soup - you can use most veggies past their best this way.;)

    I buy my fruit'n'veg from a rather good local market stall; it's cheaper than the supermarkets, and far, far better quality; in the summer, if I'm well enough, we do PYO - some of this gets jammed, some frozen, and some eaten fresh.

    Meal Plan!! It may seem obvious, but buying a 10lb sack of cheap parsnips when you haven't a scooby what you're going to do with them ain't MSE.:D
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  • Iso
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    If you are buying it only buy as much as you need and can use before it will go off...Most people do their majr shop once a week and if you eat the most perishable first and then work through to the hardiest you shouldn't have to throw anything away. And you need to be careful about the use by dates when you buy lettuce/salad leaves/spinach.

    If I buy lettuce/salad leaves from the supermarket I always wash it and then put it in a clean plastic bag with the top knotted or wound round to stop air circulation. I always leave a drop or two of water in as this helps it to stay nice and crisp. If the lettuce comes from my allotment I often leave the root on and put it in a supermarket plastic bag (again tied at the top) for a day or two if I'm short of time. Then I wash and sort it and use same method as for supermarket bought lettuce.

    Any cut herbs - stick them into water-filled jam jars or vases.

    Some herbs like parsley are easy to freeze - just wash and dry them and put them into bags or boxes. When they are frozen bash them about a bit and they'll shatter - saves chopping.

    Only put half of each packet of fruit in the fruit bowl, put the rest in a cool cupboard/ spare room/ garage and only bring it out when the fruit bowl needs re-filling.

    Find out which veg/fruit goes off quickest and eat it first.
  • KxMx
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    Even a paper bag aka Primark will do a great job extending the life of spuds :) Be sure to keep in a cool and dark place.
  • AngryPig
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    Apparently bananas give off a gas (ethylene), which promotes the ripening process. This would explain the comments here that bananas should be kept away from other fruit and veg unless you want to acceleratetheir ripening. Off topic, I know, but putting a banana in a paper bag with other under-ripe fuit will help to ripen the fruit (eg those nasty "ripen at home" plums, that just go rotten before they are edible!).

    Most of our surplus gets frozen - usually after being made into soup / mash etc. If we have any bread left after a few days and its going a bit dry, we freeze it for making toast.
  • bods
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    Generally I try not to buy too much, and to make soup or prepare elements of meals in advance if I know I have too much stuff.

    But it doesn't always work, so I've found that these Fruit and Veg savers eek out extra life from my fruit and veg:

    Seem to work for me.
  • onesixfive
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    keep veg & fruit in paper & cardboard (or canvass) - not plastic & polystyrene - its more breathable ;) & lasts far longer. Also keep them dark & cooool (not icy cold).
  • allym464
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    most of my vegetables last but for some reason my carrots dont. They always go limpstastic after a few days and have to go in a stew or something as floppy carrots arent appetising on a plate!
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