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    has anyone tried normal fence paint with these sprayers yet?
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    I started painting the fence at the bottom of our garden - oh my shoulder after 2 panels, ouch! (kept swapping hands but it didn't help)
    My OH, being ever so helpful took his compressor and spraygun etc down there and proceeded to help - unfortunately burning the compressor out in the process :cry: Still got another seven 6' x 6' panels to do.....

    I notice Asda had the cuprinol sprayer cheap the other day, but no sign of any wood treatment :confused:
    Anyone know if it's on offer anywhere?
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    bomberman wrote: »
    has anyone tried normal fence paint with these sprayers yet?

    I've asked the same question myself and I think the answer is yes. If you look at the application instructions for some of the 'ordinary' fencing treatments a lot of them say they can be applied by 'low pressure sprayers'.

    I think a lot of the ones that come with the sprayers are probably over-priced just to get more money out of you!

    I think any water based treatments should be ok whereas others might be thicker and tend to block the spraying lance/head unless careful.

    I'm going to give it a go though particulary when the B&Q own make sprayer is about £10 - £15 cheaper than Cuprinol/Ronseal!
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    I bought the Cuprinol sprayer (and a tin of the paint to match )at Homebase the other week as I had about 8 panels to paint. Stuck the batteries in and tested with water, great it works. Filled it with paint and got started.

    Took about 2-3 minutes to paint one side (and also the rear of the neighbours bbq but they never noticed!!) and was quite pleased with the results although I did go over it with the brush to finish it off (30 seconds work).

    Done 3 panels and went it for lunch. I did spray water through it until it ran clear first though. Went out 1/2 hour later to finish the job and thought I was a bit low on paint. I tipped some normal but thinner fence paint in (the cuprinol sprayer paint is quite thick) and away I went. Within 10 seconds the end was blocked. Cleaned it and tried again. Blocked. This went on for 30 minutes.

    Ended up chucking it back in the box and getting a refund and finished the rest off with the brush.

    What I don't understand though is it worked with water and it worked with the thick cuprinol paint but it wouldn't work with thinner, normal brushable paint.

    I think it would be best to get a cheap paddling pool, fill it with water and paint then soak every panel in it and let it drip off somewhere. After the panel has been up for a bit and starts to shrink slightly, it won't leave any unpainted bits on display.

    I wonder if anybody has ever done that?
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    Also be careful that you dont get the paint on yourself or in your face
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    Asda are selling there own brand pump for £10 at the moment
  • My neighbour sprayed his fence and all down the side of my house wall and all over my daughters sandpit and pram. He's luck though because if she'd been playing with them at the time, part of his fence would have been sprayed a crimson colour instead of brown...

    I should use a brush if I were you, a good bit of arm exercise, does a better job and doesn't antagonise the neighbours either.
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  • I have thrown away my sprayer. I had waited for a calm day with the right temperatures. Two weeks later I have found green paint spots all over the white chairs 10 metres away but not on the ground in between The very fine spray had obviously reflected off the fence and caught in the air. The idea was good and the spraying quick but the cleaning out afterwards was a pain. Brushes for me in the future. Luckily no neighbours cars or washing were affected. Peter.
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    I am so glad I read this before going out this afternoon to buy fence paint and was thinking of buying a sprayer.
    I have always used a paste brush in the past so think I will stick to that method.
    Do people remove the panels or just paint the lot.
    I was wondering whether to paint the concrete as well or whether it will look a mess.
  • t is a misconception that creosote is banned. It was made unavailable to the public. I bought 45 gallons last month, but regularly see it available at farm stores and independent DIY shops. Its even available on E-BAY!!

    I wont be using the creosote substitute again after just one year it peeled off!!
    Looks terrible now like crappy paint!!
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