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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

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  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
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    Can I set a total of ....:T:T.£430 :T:Tfor this months challenge..happy to keep in sig...hoping for less but will see how it goes...feeding 5 adults, 1 16 DS, 1 6 yr Ds and 3yr GD....all but 2 of us have packed lunch every weekday...also 4 cats and 2 fishies..includes all food, cleaning stuff..petfood..toiletries etc.

    NSD today ..we are having a 3 bird roast with mash and roast veg for tea...we did buy this for xmas dinner but decided we had enough meat.

    I do have a full chest freezer so hoping to make some inroads into this...also have £50 in Ice***d stamps left over from Xmas so will use these to refill freezer when I have got stocks down...will need packingup stuff,fruit,veg and some tinned stuff over the next few days but hoping to only get what I need epic post for me xx
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • Hi Everyone and good luck to everyone for this first challenge of the year.

    I did a couple of challenges last year but still spend way too much on groceries especially since I live alone. I have been tracking my spending for a few years now but although I am very conscious of what I'm spending I still seem to spend a very large amount. Over the last 2 years I have an average spend of £400 per month on groceries and eating out!!!
    I need to save up for my daughter's wedding so am going to try to cut right back on my spending this year. My freezer is fairly well stocked as are my cupboards so I think that next few months would be a good time to live on stocks that I already have and try to have as many no spend days as possible. My main difficulty is that I have a special diet so this makes my food more expensive than for most people. I am probably being overly optomistic but I'm hoping to get by on £60 for the month.

    Happy New Year
  • Right ... raring to go :D & determined this year I will get a grip on my grocery spends!

    Quick question ... is there a board that I can ask a question about a gadget? (couldn't see any that would fit)

    If it was a SC, food mixer etc, I'd ask on here ... but it's a coffee maker machine :o so don't think it's really OS!
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  • ooitsmeooitsme Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Can anyone recommend - and link me to - any other good challenges which would help me towards my goal to save for a car this year?
    thank you :0)
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  • MummyEmMummyEm Forumite
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    A great start to our Jan budget today as have spent nothing! We were just considering whether to have takeout tonight but have convinced DH we have plenty in which is good as bank account is looking :eek: and none of our monthly bills have even gone out yet.

    We have 9 people here tomorrow for buffet type tea. I was planning on going shopping for this in the morning, but thinking about finances and GC I'm trying to find a way not to buy anything at all. We have quite a bit of LO cheeses so can make a platter up with this. We have some frozen mini eclairs I will defrost and my mother is bringing an apple strudel with her. I have bananas to use up so I will make some banana muffins too (either for the buffet or just for snacks for the next couple of days). This covers sweet bits well enough. I am thinking I could make a couple of quiches - LO Christmas ham from freezer for a quiche lorraine type. Also need veggie bits for my sister so I could make sweetcorn and cheese quiche as have tinned/frozen sweetcorn. I have a few packs of frozen smoked salmon I picked up cheap last week and some prawns so I will make a kind of seafood platter. Also will do 2/3 loaves HM bread as have lots of flour in and we are all big bread eaters. There's a big bag of unopened crisps left over from Christmas too. We have tons of potatoes on the way out so I'm thinking maybe some kind of soup we can all have a bowl of but not sure if this is a stretch too far for a buffet?! I'll need to do this anyway as I will NOT be throwing out or wasting food if I can help it in any way.

    My mother has offered to pick up anything we still need on her way over so might request a few salady bits although I need to take a proper look at the fridge as I'm sure we could cobble something together for this too. I will ask her to bring some grapes for the cheese and maybe a leek or two for leek and potato soup.

    If I make all this, the only thing I might need to get is a few extra eggs although I'm sure we've at least 7 left. I can get these freerange from the farm down the road £1.95 for a douzen. This would be amazing as I would normally just think 'sod it' and go spend £60-70 on food for an event like this!

    p.s. just ran this past DH who appears unconvinced, so now I have something to prove too which is bound to spur me on!
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  • ooitsme wrote: »
    Can anyone recommend - and link me to - any other good challenges which would help me towards my goal to save for a car this year?
    thank you :0)

    There's a few on the DFW board HTH
    Grocery Challenge £211/£455 (01/01-31/03)
    2016 Sell: £125/£250
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  • Mrs_T_MMrs_T_M Forumite
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    MummyEm - having to prove something to someone other than myself is always a great motivator here!

    I've already started a list of what we are nearly out of, but the spices may need to wait until next month. I need to finish my months worth of menus and check sales prices (vs the regular prices for store brand stuff). I've found that, unfortunately, the sales prices don't typically come anywhere close to the store brand stuffs.

    Forgot to say this when I signed up, but there are 2 adults here, along with 2 bunnies (who shouldn't need buying for this month). I'm definitely going to need to be creative having only £20 to last until 1 Feb.

    Today we made chilli (enough for our lunch and lunch tomorrow for DH) and we are having beans on eggs on cheese on toast tonight. I have a feeling that I'll be making at least one batch each of pizza dough, bread, and muffins before the month is out. Now if I can stay within budget and lose weight while doing it.
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    thewestfivethewestfive Forumite
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    Hi, Can I join in please?

    I can spend a fortune each month. However I need to reign it in.

    I spent £160 in the butchers a few weeks back so my freezer is busting with meat. I thought what I might do is buy it from myself each time I use some. So I will add the cost of my meat to the grocery challenge total. It will stop me from going mad and using it all at once. It will also stop my shopping bill from being artificially low.

    Now for how much! There's 4 adults and a teenager who eats as much as the adults. I need to provide lunches during the week for 2 adults but mostly 3 depending on days off.

    I'm gonna say £400 for the complete month of January. I know this seems high but I am hopeful to come in under budget and its a long month. This is for all food, all takeaways we are not going to have as well as toiletries and cleaning.

    Not spent anything yet and not intending to for at least another 2/3 days.
    January Grocery Challenge 274.42/£400

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  • katholicoskatholicos Forumite
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    Today was a non traditional lunch for us, pasta. We followed this with home made cheesecake served with fresh blueberries.

    For tea i opened a tin of wild salmon and we had it in sandwiches.

    Today has been my first nsd of the knth and i am pleased to say that i have not been inside a shop or supermarket since before christmas!
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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    MummyEm - it'll come down to time but cheese straws, bread sticks, garlic mayo dip, potato salad, garlic bread all spring to mind with what you have said. It all sounds a bit brown so veg sticks to go with the dips - even carrots and cucumber would be cheap enough?

    ETA cheese n onion sausage rolls - there is a good Delia recipe
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