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    I had trouble last December with Collect plus, but due to some good reviews on here have just strated using them again. have sent three parcels now and one after a week is nowhere to be found, even Collect plus can't tell me where it is. Last tracking shows it was taken to my local depot a week ago- and that's it.

    I would not recommend Collect Plus
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    I received a pair of damaged speakers today from parcel force I am so annoyed there is gashes in the boxes and I opened one speaker to find a 2 inch rip that has taken a chunk out of my wooden speaker it even penetrated through the protective thick polystyrene I cant believe it I dont even understand how something can be so badly handled in the van, how much protection can you put with this company for them not to damage something :mad: Item was bought used off Ebay but they are like new.... well not any more! How do I proceed? :eek:
  • Does anyone know if Interparcel are all tracked?
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    Please can you contact [email protected] with your full name, tracking number and telephone.

    We will try and get this resolved for you as quickly as possible.

    Official Company Representative
    I am the official company representative of Collect+. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
  • it just goes to show, these forums do really work, I posted for the first time on here yesterday thinking I was just moaning out loud and maybe I could help some people away from using Collect Plus because of the major problems I have had with them,
    When out of the blue today I received a phone call from a chief executive of Collect Plus wanting to try and sort out what happened to my parcels and very importantly make sure it won't happen to anyone else
    So very pleased with that and chuffed that there are people / firms out there who can be bothered to read and act on feedback, however negative it seems
    So will keep you guys posted as to how things go with the investigations
  • I'm confused.

    Booked a parcel collection through Parcel2Go website and Yodel seemed a good deal so went for them. Due to be collected on Monday. Waited in all day and at 7pm (the latest they work) I went on to Live Chat to ask what had happened. They were very apologetic and said they would rebook with TNT as in their words "they are more reliable". Had to print off new labels and paperwork and it was duly collected Tuesday afternoon.

    I just tracked the parcel and it said the usual things about received in Crawley Depot, then received at Rotherham depot, then it said:

    05/12/2012 11:57:00 ROTHERHAM Receiver not home. Follow up action underway.

    but then it said:

    05/12/2012 20:36:00 ROTHERHAM Held awaiting customs clearance

    Anyone know what that's all about?? Does that mean they're going to open it do you think? It's only a doll.

    Follow up:

    Doesn't seem to mean anything because the parcel was duly delivered today and Parcel2Go even sent me an apology and a £5 voucher for the inconvenience :T
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    Collect Plus Rep : ive used you many times, without problem, so i told my son about you. The Tracking of his first parcel shows 3 failed attempts to delivery and the ebay buyer is unresponsive.

    How do i get it back - as i have now seen in your terms you can destroy and dispose of them. :eek:

    Why when you recommend something to someone does it go wrong?
  • I posted a parcel 24 hour delivery via P4d yesterday on 24 hour delivery. I came across the name via the MSE email, unfortunately I was in such a hurry to get a collection booked I dint actually read the MSE website properly when it advised

    It's worth noting that Yodel has poor forum feedback, so if you'd prefer, an alternative option is P4D via Parcelforce at etc etc

    So of course I went to P4ds site and who did I book.. Parcelforce.... no..... Yodel... yes. 1st time I've been near them and the last.

    As of now no parcel has been delivered, the tracking shows my parcel just vanished for 24 hours. and now p4d have advised they think it might be delivered Monday.

    I will be asking for my money back and never using any company that involves being anywhere near YODEL.

    I do have to say P4D have been pretty spot on, I posted on their Facebook page at about 7pm and they responded and arranged their CS team to email me.

    Moral of the Story is avoid YODEL
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    Cant believe no one has mentioned Parcelmonkey - I ve been using them for a couple of years and they generally offer the most competitive prices. Its been about a year since I checked their prices against MyHermes, Interparcel etc, but I gave up as they were always cheapest. They use ShityLink, ParcelFarce, DHhelL, NightFreight etc. You can tell by my spellings of the names of these courier companies that I m not entirely their biggest fan, but bad service, bad products and stupidly high prices are just the way it is for virtually everything you pay for in the UK (I like to call it Great Shitain), so you cant escape using them, if you can get their prices down using Parcelmonkey, then at least it takes the high prices bit out of the equation, leaving only the bad service. Do I sound cynical ? lol
  • I really like C+. The local drop off place is a 5min walk and is open until about 8pm so no waiting for couriers to call. I have used it several times and so far everything has arrived in reasonable time - It's marketed as an economy service NOT a next day service. The price is great, the ease of use is great, it's easy to track an item. I found out about it via ebay and book through a site parcels2go
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