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Where's the best Car Boot Sales in Glasgow/Renfrewshire

in Scotland
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  • Was there last Sunday and the guy that runs it is very nice to talk to. He is trying to build it up, but if he goes on the way he is it will be back to what it used to be in no time. Such a friendly guy and nothing is too much trouble. Going back again 2morro, may even enquire about a pitch while I am at it. Give this one a try.
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    My personal preferences are Blockairn, followed by Crossford.
    I'll sometimes go down to the Clyde Valley at Garrion bridge and go to the garden centre undercover one, then Crossford, then up to Lanark. Round off the day with fritter rolls from Valerios.
  • Rocky22Rocky22 Forumite
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    I am beginning to like this car boot - the man that runs it has something going for the kids this Sunday - each one that turns up gets an egg or sweets. How nice is that? Apparently the stall holders are in a free draw every week to get a chance of a free pitch the following one. Falkirk is quite good to, though can be a bit cold at times being outside at the stadium. Not fussed on Flowers of Scotland at Clyde Valley, seem to be more traders there than carbooters. Whether its the organiser or not my favourite one so far is Lanark car boot, maybe not so busy, but I think this is one smouldering and will prove to be a busy one in time.:T
  • Was down the Lanark road last Sunday weather wet. Overton boot sale not many cars their so went to look around flowers of Scotland boot sale bought some the kids clothes for hols all as new at a fab price all sized and priced on rails well organised seller will defo go back their again plus it's all undercover what ever the weather.
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    Was there too last Sunday on way to Overton Farm and Lanark Market car boot. Still think there are too many traders, and its also cold in that polytunnel. . Overton Farm hadn't many cars either, but that was due to the weather more than anything else. Lanark Market seemed a bit busier, yes it was a bit cold too, but pens always are. The one in Cumbria is just the same - but I managed to get a good bargain at the guy who sells brushes and stuff there and he is so nice and helpful. This new organiser is friendly and despite the cold still my favourite.
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