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Where's the best Car Boot Sales in Glasgow/Renfrewshire

in Scotland
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  • Can't be bothered with Blochairn, anyone know of any local ones in Renfrewshire coming up?
  • yogi3yogi3 Forumite
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    i think polmadie car boot is better run than blochairn. :beer:
  • purrrcatpurrrcat Forumite
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    Saint_Nick wrote: »
    Can't be bothered with Blochairn, anyone know of any local ones in Renfrewshire coming up?

    Tesco in Renfrew have one on Sat 5th Sept
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know of any car boot sales coming up in Renfrewshire in September.

  • ArwenArwen Forumite
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    yogi3 wrote: »
    i think polmadie car boot is better run than blochairn. :beer:

    Have you done that one, and is it any good, cos I plan to sell stuff there this weekend?

    I have done a boot sale at Blochairn, but while lots of people, they really did want summat for nothing. I know I am getting rid of unwanted stuff but had really good stuff going for a pound and that still wasn't cheap enough.

    Plus staying up all night on a Saturday to get there for 1/2am for a decent pitch, and then being there till 4pm on the Sunday,really didn't do it for me.
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  • I've heard that Polmadie is useless to sell at but have never actually done it.

    Blochairn has always been good for us but about 10 o'clock there are a load of folk that start really wanting something for nothing. You just need to stand your ground (and make sure you have the item in your hand otherwise they have a tendancy to walk off with it)

    I don't know why you stayed until 4pm though, if you're there as early as 1 you should have your pick of sites. We go around 3.30 and get a site at the grass bank and leave around 12. Loads of folk had gazebos up this week to deal with th rain!
  • gmc_3gmc_3 Forumite
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    What time can you set up from at Blochairn and what time to the buyers start arriving?

  • Blochairn you need to be there for about 2-3am is to get a pitch however if the weather isn't looking so good youmay not have to be there so early.

    You get let in about 4-4.30ish and buyers will be at your car door before you can even open it with their little head torches and have never seen anything like it it's hilarious!!

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  • RummerRummer Forumite
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    I didn't realise you had to go that early in the morning :eek: !!!! My OH and I were thinking of going to one but that time just seems indecent!
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  • I'm thinking of doing a car boot with my old gothy/vamp type clothes & dark kind of dresses,shoes n boots ect. Can anyone tell me where would be the best place for that type. Much loved but do not fit anymore. lol:A
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