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Where's the best Car Boot Sales in Glasgow/Renfrewshire

in Scotland
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  • Obviously this is an old thread but I was searching for information regarding doing a boot sale at Blochairn or Polmadie.

    I have lots of clothes and things I no longer want/need so was going to do a car boot sale to get rid of them but am unsure what site to go to and do clothes seem to sell ok?
  • bluebearybluebeary Forumite
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    done blochairn and polmadie, sold amost everything at polmadie, far better than any other boot sale ive done, ever !

    you dont have to get there as early as blochairn but get there early though
  • darkside_2darkside_2 Forumite
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    im heading off to polmadie the morn any tips or tricks this is my first ever boot sale
  • houseofpathouseofpat Forumite
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    Hope you did well.
  • dktreeseadktreesea Forumite
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    bluebeary wrote: »
    done blochairn and polmadie, sold amost everything at polmadie, far better than any other boot sale ive done, ever !

    you dont have to get there as early as blochairn but get there early though

    What time to you have to get to Polmadie these days to be sure of a pitch?
  • I did a car boot sale at Blochairn on Sunday and raised a few hundred pound was a good day and it certainly helped that the sun was shining.
  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Hi all :) any good boot sales on this weekend? I particularly would like some selling plants- not polmadie though.... i find it a bit depressing....? South if possible!

    Cheers :)
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  • Hi
    I have done quite a few Scottish car boots here is what I have found:

    Blochairn (Think cost is around £12 though not 100% on that). It is on every Sunday, to get a pitch and what time to arrive is pretty dependent on the time of year, at xmas you need a tent to get a pitch, whaereas most times you'll get a pitch about 7AM.
    Not the most organised car boot (it is council run I think).
    I always do quite well at Blochairn, it is always busy and there is some money about. You need your own table.
    Toilets, snack bars on site

    Polmadie Indoor market Open Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Cost is £10 on Sunday, £15 on Wednesday and £20 on Saturday
    95% of the time you will get a pitch no problem. Arrive about 7am.
    Tables and clothes hanging rails are available to rent quite reasonably....saves a lot of hassle.
    The boot sale usually has about 4 or 5 staff who wander about and are quite helpful.
    You drive in the entrance and are met and allotted a numbered space, it is a good size area you get, can usually get 2 tables in.
    TIP: Instead of driving into the sale, park in the carpark and either carry your stuff in, or there are a couple of metal cages usually lying about you can use. Reason for doing this is it allows you to leave when you want. If you take your car in your stuck till end, your choice though.
    Polmadie is definately a 2nd hand market, glad to say there's not a lot of new stuff about. Bargains are definately to be had at Polmadie.
    Toilets, snack bars on site

    Clyde Valley Located in a farmers field. Think cost is around £15. Only on on Sundays in summer months. Well organised and allocated a space when you arrive IMPORTANT: VANS ARE NOT ALLOWED This must be the most stupid rule i've heard at a car boot sale...I drive a wee combo van (I don't have a car) and I can't take it onto the selling area. Last time i was there the field was full of huge 4x4's that were double the size of my van...perhaps the organisers can explain the rule.
    If the weathers good it is very busy, simple as that. Same goes for arrival time...if weather is good or a holiday w/end then get there early.
    Only 2nd hand stuff allowed. You need your own table
    Toilets, farm shop and snack bar on site

    Lanark car boot Probably my favourite. Held indoors every Sunday at Agricultural centre. Well organised and helpful...you can hire table, the guy even set it up for us and gave us chairs. Arrive about 7ish, you are not allowed to sell till 8am (doors open to public at 8am) so you get peace to set up your stall. Cost is £15 I think.
    You tend to get better prices here and usually a good place to sell decent stuff...collectables tend to do well here...not a good place for "junk".
    Toilets and snack bar on site

    I hope this helps anyone thinking of doing a car boot...it is usually good fun and you make some cash.

    Last tip: I take things I want rid of and don't want to take home so try and get your money at the start then later you slash prices and more or less take what you can.....do you really want to take it home!!
  • Hi all,
    Just been looking through this thread- I am looking to head to a car boot sale in the Glasgow area this weekend to sell.
    I haven't sold at a carboot before and I've got a lot of second hand clothing as well as old random household stuff that has been gathering dust up the loft.
    What would people say was the most suitable location for selling this likes of second hand stuff, rather than collectables and new products?
  • Clothes sell really well at the fruit market as do household things. It's mainly assylum seekers that are there so they aren't looking to pay high prices but will still buy anything really
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