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MoneySaving Mums

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    flashnazia wrote: »
    Money saving 'mums'? What about dads or a male same-sex couple?

    Moneysaving parents would be more inclusive.
    Ahhh, but they've countered the MSE Mums by giving us a MSE Dads board as well. Cos, you know, the two sexes obviously can't help each other..? :confused:

    I totally get the point - one area to have for real money saving which is, obviously, the whole point of the forum and one for the chat. I just think it needs a bit more thought.

    How about the Marriage, Family and Relationships and.... Moneysaving in Marriage, Family and Relationships?

    The reason the current name works so well is that it is all encompassing, everyone has a place here. And let's face it - a seperate board for mums and another for dads is just plain daft - we're all parents just the same. And those of us who aren't parents (either yet, through choice or who are now empty nesters/grandparents) still have a lot of valuable advice to pass on.
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    Hang on ... is somebody (in the background) trying to collate stats/data about forum members by assessing which forum they post in? So they can determine the 'female' usernames because they post in MS Mums, and the 'male' usernames because they post in MS Dads? So that they can use it for marketing purposes?

    Otherwise, I can see no benefit to the two separate boards. In fact, why are we being subjected to these separate boards at all? Was there any problem with the original arrangement?
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  • Hey guys, I'm really confused! Which is the best group to join if you want advice on money saving as a mum or dad. Seems confusing....
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    Please will you get rid of these ridiculous segregated boards. In my opinion it is a ridiculous backward step. Fewer boards is the answer to making this site more user-friendly and accessible - not more!
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    Still struggling to understand why there are these separate boards. The criteria for which thread goes where doesn't even seem to be being followed. For example why is the main pregnancy thread on Money Saving Mums, but the Less than 12 Weeks and the 12 - 24 Weeks Pregnant threads both on the main board??

    It's a mess.
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    I've told her to always get what has the price on the packet, so she knows she wont be stung at the till!

    OOps! sorry wrong thread!
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  • Hey guys, I'm really confused! Which is the best group to join if you want advice on money saving as a mum or dad. Seems confusing....
  • Amelia, I agree with you. I'm new here and find the whole forum confusing. Really if I want to discuss being a Mum I would return to MumsnetReally wasted my time on that website!). I don't need to discuss relationships on here either. Just Want to figure out if I can make things better for my family Parent Money saver would suit me. But I'm new what do I know!
    Just wanted to say thank Mother nature I have found this webisite> I might be able to afford to go back to part-time already on the road to saving lots of money just wanted to share my progress and success> plus figure out if my fuel bills are normal (it doesn't look like it!) and where to buy good and cheaper school shoes.
    I also don't know how to add the fancy stuff about myself in fancy colours that others have done.
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    I agree with you Starbear62.
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