Who's responsible for replacing school equipment?

My son (year 9) has had his schoolbag stolen last week, along with 3 other fellas, who got theirs back. My son's has not been recovered + has been told by school caretaker" its probably in a bin!". The bag was left at a designated area, on the stage of the school dining hall, which apparently is supervised. So, while I have replaced all my son's stationery + have ordered him new glasses, I am confused as to whether or not I should pay for replacement school text + exercise books?


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    Happened to my son recently, no doubt the school has got small print disclaiming responsibality.
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    speak to the school...its probably something that can be resolved in an amicable manner and quite easily....caretakers are wonderful and loads of schools wouldnt function without them...but I would speak to your childs tutor or headmaster about the way forward

    personally the view I think you could take is as the bag went missing on school property then perhaps the school should issue new books...if the books had gone missing whilst at home then I think thats probably where your responsibilty kicks in...

    These books can be expensive...my son had the misfortune to lose some and when we looked to replace them some were in the region of £30....we did replace as it was us that lost them but if they have gone missing whilst at school and in a designated area there must be an element of the school hopefully acqnowledging responsibility for replacment.

    Hopefully it was an isolated incident but really the school should also be looking at ways to "safeguard" pupils property,especially as there were several other pupils impacted.
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  • Thankyou for your suggestions + quick replies. I've requested a meeting at the school tomorrow, so hopefully will get somewhere! Unfortunately this is not the first time it's happened! Few weeks back his + another bag moved from designated area, though luckily they were both recovered! Though have to say the attitude of the teachers regarding compassion towards the victims in this leaves a lot to be desired, which I will have to address tomorrow also! Wish me luck!
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    schools dont like to admit they have problems in the area of intimidation or even bullying,but as its the second incident your son has encoutered is there a possibility that he is being targeted?

    Its probably not anything that he would want to admit to you but it may be worth mooting the suggestion to see what type of response you get....both with the school and your son

    I know its really difficult at that age to get anything out of them (Ive got a 14 year old) but is he happy and confident at school....
    frugal October...£41.82 of £40 food shopping spend for the 2 of us!

    2017 toiletries challenge 179 out 145 in ...£18.64 spend
  • He reassures me that no other child is picking on him + he's happy enough to go to school. Hopefully tomorrow the school will reassure me that they are doing something to prevent bags being stolen again + also agree to at least part fund the replacement equipment, which unfortunately included glasses + photos + memory book from my sons recent school trip to Paris :-( also hope to get reassurance that the teachers will change their bully tactics with my son(although its not solely with him).
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    er - by designating an area and insisting that bags are left there - the school have shot themselves in the foot if they try to disclaim responsibility! and they had someone to 'guard' the bags?
    I would actually bill them for the cost of the items you have had to replace.........your son was relieved of his responsibility to his own property and then the school lost it! quite clear to me that they are responsible for the financial loss!

    Your son wasnt 'careless' with his property - he was following school 'rules'! He shouldn't therefore have to suffer the loss! (or rather YOU shouldnt!)
  • Thankyou so much for your comments. I will be going into the school tomorrow with some reassurance that I'm not being unreasonable with my queries, thankyou again
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    Thankyou so much for your comments. I will be going into the school tomorrow with some reassurance that I'm not being unreasonable with my queries, thankyou again

    Please post with update. and do not be snowed by 'the children are responsible for thier own possessions'! they are, unless that 'responsibility is TAKEN from them'!
  • So, result bookwise, the school are going to replace my sons books + hopefully photocopy all the notes up to date. Didnt have to push too much on that score, thankfully. The attitude of few teachers to my son regarding his stolen bag etc will remain to be seen, but they are getting an email from year head to remind them of protocol when dealing with a victim of this situation. Happy son + happy mum today. Thankyou again for all your advice :)
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    robin - I do hope they will refund the cost of 'other' items you have had to replace personally. They are not just 'liable' for the school property - but for his personal items too! and dont let it drop!

    But - you have quite a 'victory' there! WELL DONE!
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