will my daughter get money for nephews and nieces

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hi can anyone help my daughter is thinking of offering to look after her 2 nephews and niece they are all under 6 have just been placed in emergency homes but will be placed into long time care soon. i know she will cope with looking after them and we are all willing to help but i am worried how she will cope finacially she is only 21 and currently works will she get any help please


  • I know of someone who fosters her grandchildren and she receives money. I should think if it's done formally that she would receive money.
  • She needs to speak with social services. They have a Kinship Fostering Department who deals with cases like this. Get in touch with the social worker involved with the children and make them aware that there is family willing to care for them. And there is finacial help available.
  • thanks it will be done formally as the kids are in care at the moment it was so sudden we have not been able to talk to social service yet but we will do that next.
  • How very noble of your daughter, you must be proud.

    Sorry I have no idea re the money side of things but just wanted to wish you all luck

    Bella x
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    Send a PM to gizmo111 with a link to this thread, there are other very knowledgeable people about but she's the name I know best, she will maybe ask you some questions but also tell you what to ask / tell SS to ensure you are not dumped on from a great height, ie promised support both financial and practical which then never materialises.
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    I think it varies between area, and individual cases, but the two couples I know who foster nieces/nephews don't get any fostering allowances. The children are instead included as part of the household with the tax credits and other benefits they receive. They got bunk beds, bedding and car seats provided by SS to set them up too.
  • A friend of mine took her nieces in when their mum died (dad was not living with them and not bothered about them). She got nothing to help financially as she took the kids straight in whereas if she had waited for them to go into care and then taken them she would have been given assistance by SS.
    As SS are already involved they would probably be able to help you. If not then there will at least be child benefit and tax credits - this can be quite a sum if the guardians income is low.
    It might be worth getting a family law solicitor to help you with the process of taking the children on.
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    Savvy_Sue's post is to be noted. I recall threads on here where family have offered to assist with family children in care, and because they haven't made it formal then they've received no financial or other support.

    I don't know enough about the details but it's important to get this right from the outset.
  • You should get a foster carers allowence but you will not get the reward element.

    Having learnt this the hard way ALWAYS get it in writing if they promise to pay for something.

    I have fostered my neices for the last four years and it has cost me more than i could imagine.

    I have had to cut my hours, i have to go to lots of appointments. I cannot leave them with anyone so no social life.

    On the plus side they are safe now and I know where they are.
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    I've sent the PM myself, sorry didn't have time to do so earlier.
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