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'So what happened to the new site Martin?' blog discussion



  • Kernowek
    Well, I'm no fan of fixed width, but if you're going with it then making it central is a lot better than left-aligned (can't tell from the screenshot whether you've already done it that way).

    But whatever you do, don't trap the forums within a fixed width table - please!
  • cliff57
    Stick with the old I may not unsubscibe if you dont BUT I wouldnt have opted in if thats what I had first seen:
  • sharon_burgess
    i love the new look ,looks easier to look around on ,i hope you go ahead with it.
  • madnis7
    madnis7 Posts: 284 Forumite
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    Just my 2 pennies. I really like to look of the first "new"one and it seemed that functionality wise everything was where it should be. I was actually really excited with the new look. this one seem to have things more cluttered around a lot, which i always found to be the problem with the currrent site. The colurs are nice if a little female orientated. Ithink the Forum should be better represented as it seems for most to be the main crux of the site. On both designs its been under represented. I like the not to miss portlet on the front. I think that the free to use non-commercial stuff should be bigger. AAs for people complaining that its too commericial looking, Pha. Should we be comprimising functionality and ease of use, just so the site still looks a bit crap. If you are wanting to get younger people involved in this site and in MS in general then a more "Commercial" look is exactley whats needed.

    I don't mean to rant but i just can't see what the problem is with having a really professional looking site. The commercial people have great looking sites beacause they work and make them more user friendly.
  • cattie
    cattie Posts: 8,841 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    I've just had a look at the intended new format & it does look very user friendly & welcoming to me. It's the kind of site that if I'd stumbled across it by accident & didn't have time to have a look around then, I'd bookmark it to come back to later.
    The bigger the bargain, the better I feel.

    I should mention that there's only one of me, don't confuse me with others of the same name.
  • MSE_Martin
    MSE_Martin Posts: 8,272 Money Saving Expert
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    Hi folks,

    The forum button is a little bigger than the image shows (as noted this was a conceptual design) - yet let me correct the idea that the forum is the most used part of the site

    3 million people use the site each month
    1.1 million get the email
    The forum has about 500,000 visitors
    and less than 200,000 posters

    While it is a VERY important part of the site, the main site still carries the vast majority of the traffic and is used by many more people - the difference is of course, you can't see the people using the main site :)
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  • wingates
    wingates Posts: 127 Forumite
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    I just hope the new site will be faster to load. I am on 2mb broadband and this site is painfully slow. Keep up the great work Martin, but don`t fix what aint broke.
    A watched pot always boils. :j
  • Stuart_Marshall
    Martin - go with the new site!
    It looks much nicer - people never like change (one of the reasons people stick with expensive providers) - but change is good. People will sonn get used to it and it looks much easier to find things in the new site format.

  • JDPower
    JDPower Posts: 1,675 Forumite
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    Big improvement over the first new version IMO. The first version kinda reminded me of those dodgy/rogue anti-spyware type sites. This version looks far more 'friendly'. Still a little room for improvement but the basis of a solid design is there unlike the first version.
    Well done to all involved and well done for having the b*lls to change the original design so significantly :T
  • ma_grooper
    Martin Lewis , I nominate you for a Nobel Price . You are a pride to your mother as you are to all of us who find comfort in your name - of how to fight ' FINANCIAL INJUSTICE ' . New Site , Old Site , a Rose by any other name .What interests me is the CONTENT of the Site

    Keep on Old WARRIOR , or is it New WARRIOR !
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