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'So what happened to the new site Martin?' blog discussion



  • Former_MSE_Dan
    Former_MSE_Dan Posts: 1,593 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    If you left-click on the 34% scaled image, it will increase to full size :)
    Former MSE team member
  • LookingAhead
    LookingAhead Posts: 4,633 Forumite
    Works OK in Firefox for me too - just click on it and it gets bigger (ooer).

    Like it anyway! Think the Forum speech bubble should be bigger or 3D effect or something.....but apart from that - very fresh. Very informative. Lots to get stuck into.
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  • Sadiethebaglady
    I'ts gorgeous Martin! (Reflecting the author methinks........) looks so much better on the eye......I know I shouldn't be shallow but it's not always what you say but how you say it....and your new proposed website oozes accessibility and professionalism, is easier on the eye, much prettier and not amateurish looking...... WELL DONE! :)

  • pennymakespounds
    looks great to me .

    PLEASE !! .. bring back the "300 recent posts" facility .... the post headings only on " new posts" .. just doesn't suffice as you ghave to click through to the actual threads.

    My use of the site has dropped dramatically since losing the 300 posts option.

    just too much time needed now. and time is money !!
  • uppal
    uppal Posts: 10 Forumite
    I agree - please bring back the 300 recent posts !!!

    Also, the new site looks great :-) When will you be putting it up?
  • equitydealer
    I think the Forum link should be a main tab, like on this current site.

    There is too much text on the home page that can put people off. The home page should be simple and act as a gateway to other sections of the website.

    Otherwise it looks good!
  • mld25
    mld25 Posts: 3 Newbie
    Try not to use serif fonts - they're great for printed material, but sans-serif fonts are easier to read on webpages.
  • Nosmig
    Nosmig Posts: 22 Forumite
    Martin - Don't give up with the new site - it's better by far

    Layout was tidier; readablity was better (if you stick to san serif fonts); navigation was easier; it just needed a few refinements (eg hover messages) which would come over time.

    Most things improve with constructive feedback; beware the advocates of no change!
  • exxusmedia
    well done ... It looks like a very user friendly site . That means I will be spending most of my time browsing the new site ..I will be unproductive for about a week or so ... blame it to Martin , just joking LOL

    Thanks a lot Martin . I have saved a quite few pennies out of your expert advise and so as the thousands of consumers out there . You deserve an MBE .. so guys who are reading this thread ... lets campaign for Martin ! :A
  • IamBroke
    IamBroke Posts: 537 Forumite
    I didnt see the original site but I do like the new design! Its more girly, and the colours are prettier :j :j

    However I like the way Free to Use, Free of Ads and Consumer Revenge sticks out more on the current site, it kind of makes a power to the people statement. In the new design, although its there it doesnt stand out and I probably would not have noticed it :confused:

    Overall its great though!
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