help with teenage boy xmas presents.

my 14 yr old has told me he doesnt know what he wants , so he is getting surprises. just after a few ideas please for something other than dvd's cd's games .
he already has a scooter, skateboard. bike is a no go.
budget of around £100 but would rather get more than one thing for that.


  • 19lottie82
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    there are still 6 weeks until xmas, chances are he will think of something before the big day. ask him to have a think about it.

    you don't want to buy something then have him announce he has decide what he wants in 3 or 4 weeks !
  • cte1111
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    Some nice headphones, if he is into music. They've got all sorts of different coloured ones around now.
  • Mupette
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    mine is 17 and i still get the 'i dunno'

    so we agree that i can get the smellies, socks, pj's etc, but i do go to firebox to look for gadgets, they have a gadget box...

    but loads of ideas there that might be an interest?
    Terry Pratchett
  • nana and grandad are getting him headphones and a grown up watch.

    i am loving firebox- omg have you seen the flying monkey and those 3d t-shirts are fab. thanks for that link.
  • kindle, or dvds?
  • onlyroz
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    Game for a console? Or does he have a digital camera?
  • didnt want to get games or dvd's. he doesnt have a camera of his own, and although i think he would like one, i think it would be a novelty.
    kindle?? he likes books but not sure he likes them enough. i would probably pinch it off him.
    ami being a bit picky ha ha.
  • meritaten
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    Does he have a fave band? are they performing near enough to you after christmas you could buy tickets for him and a friend to go see them? with some spending money so they can buy souvineers?
  • ooooh thats a good one. we live in the midlands so have easy access to birmingham,leicester,cov and nottingham.
    will check them out.
  • pleasedelete
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    edited 13 November 2012 at 11:07PM
    I have got mine a raspberry pi -look for official supplier though as mark ups are really high l (cheaper than amazon) .
    June challenge £100 a day £3161.63 plus £350 vouchers plus £108.37 food/shopping saving

    July challenge £50 a day. £ 1682.50/1550

    October challenge £100 a day. £385/£3100
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