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    I think it is the American name for easy-cook. As to its religious convictions I couldn't say :D
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    Tried cooking two things at once in my slow-cooker at the weekend and it worked! :)

    Made a casserole and then submerged and lidded dish filled with potatoes and hot water in to it so the casserole would act as a baine marie :). 10hrs later the casserole was cooked and the potatoes ready to drain and mash. Saved me having to heat up a hot plate to cook the spuds.
    Life's a beach! Take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes.
  • what a fab idea, will ahve to give that a go. hate waiting for spuds to cook, when rest is ready to go.
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    what type of lidded dish did you use? i too have a 20 yrd old slo-cooker to dig out, recipes sound wonderful. would love some more of the just throw it all in variety at 8.30am

    thanks rosemary
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    Used a smaller pyrex casserole dish with lid. Spose any oven proof dish would do. Cut your pots quite small, I do about 2 inch square pieces and pour on boiling water.
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  • thanks for that mbth.
  • :D

    Escaped the Travel skills ain't just about finding hols!

    I've used slow-cookers for years-limited washing up, lovely tender meat...can leave them on for ages!

    To modify 'casserole packet' meals. Simple-just add TWO-THIRDS only of water required-as there is no evaporation in slow-cookers this allows for this. With conventianal casserole recipes do same!

    Chickens/beef joints. Flash fry over a very high heat to brown-leave on low 8-10 hours-fab/not xhrunken meat-wonderfull!

    Curries-remember NO evaporation-start thicker than normal!

    Try this one;- Chris's Mutton & chick pea South Indialn Curry! (can use bonelss lamb cubes, boneless chicken/on/off bone-no skin!).

    Mutton is a fairly strong meat but goes very well with the spices in curry!

    1 1/2 kg cubed lean mutton (boneless) or 2 1/2kg with bones (bones add a good flavour)
    3/4 large english onions-finely chopped
    2 inches root ginger grated OR 1 big tablespoon of 'bottled' ginger puree
    2 tins drained tinned chickpeas
    6 cloves garlic-crushed or 4 teaspoons garlic puree
    7 tablespoons oil (any except olive-vegetable/butter ghee has best flavour)-sounds a lot but remember this will serve up to 8 people
    4 tablespoons double concentrated tomato puree
    1 1/2 teaspoons salt (very important-brings out flavour of spices)
    2ox approx grated creamed coconut
    juice of 1/2 lemon.
    4 green chillis/red chillis-finely chopped inc. seeds
    pinch white sugar
    2 tablespoons ground coriander (freshly ground if poss)
    2 teaspoons ground cumin (freshly ground if poss)
    1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper (freshly ground if poss)
    1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
    2 teaspoons garam masala (spice mix from any supermarket)
    3 tablespoons (or to taste-love the stuff!) chopped fresh coriander (or if not avail. use the bottled puree)

    Most important bit-fry onions (in 6 tablespoons oil)/garlic/ginger in oil over low heat until golden brown (v.important-takes about 40 mins).

    Meanwhile-in a separate pan heat the last tbs of oil on a VERY high heat & quickly brown mutton in batches. Secret is heat-seal very quickly! You don't HAVE to do this but I find flavour is better!

    Increase heat slightly & add all spices except garam masala & ground fresh coriander & KEEP STIRRING for about 3 mins until spices smell fragrent. TAKE OFF HEAT & stir in tomatoe puree. Now-if you can be bothered liquidize this (pain in the a**e as you have to keep stopping/scraping, etc_)-should be the conssistency of a paste-add a teaspoon or so (no more-needs to be thick!) if problems liquidising. I like this type of thick 'gravy' but there is NO NEED to liquidize-you can just mix all together. At this stage add grated coconut/lrmon juice. If you taste it now it should be quite strong & almost 'too spicy/salty', etc but remember all the meat juices blend in!

    Combine meat with onion/spice paste mixture-stirring well-sprinkle in chopped green chillis & the drained chick-peas (will make it medium hot) & put on LOW for about 10 hours-can be left an hour/2 longer-won't spoil!

    Do not lift lid until been cooking at least 6 hours-be strong (!!). It will initially look too thick but the meat juices will thin the gravy.

    After 10 hours add the 2 teaspoons Garam Masala & chopped fresh green coriander-STIR WELL & serve with plain Basmati rice & a yoghurt 'raita' (yoghurt with grated cucummber-hint of garlic/salt/pich of ground cumin-very cooling!).

    Voila! The meat will be 'melt-in-the-mouth' & the fresh green coriander/garam masala finishes the dish!

    If you cook it let me know your thoughts...NEVER skip the browining of the onions/frying of the spices though!

  • oooh, that sounds good.
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    I can smell it already - really I can! :)
  • mmm, me too. i love curry, its my fav food. tempted to have a bash at this now for tomorrow nights tea, :-/
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