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    Yep, I've tried aussielle's recipe it was lovely (thanks aussielle) and an old fashioned stew, that was great too.

    There are only 2 of of us and it makes loads so I've been freezing the left overs for when I can't be bothered to get up early and chop veg.

    It's all black and chrome so it looks a bit trendy too - good job 'cause it would take up a lot of room in a cupboard, it's really heavy too - feels like good quality, but a bit heavy to be lifting in and out of the cupboard.

    I'd never used one before but I think it's brilliant - Just bung everything in it in the morning and when you come home from a hard days work, shattered, it's all ready to serve! and just 1 pot to wash too.

    I'd definatly recommend it. (if I could spell definitely!!!)
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    travelman, made you recipoe last night, left it on today, can't wait to get home tonight. smells gorgeous already.
  • :D


    Did you use mutton? Did you liquidize the onion/garlic/ginger?

    Always LOOKS like it'll be too thick but will turn out fab-let me know!

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    did exactly what you said. ;D cvan't wait.
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    had it travelman, was well spicy, am not standing downwind of the kids tomorrow. was lovely though, we really enjoyed it, and the mutton was so so soft. yum yum yum.
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    i sometimes put mine on over night (have economy 7!) apart from waking up to cooking smells it works ok especially for vege stews etc. just warm some up for lunch or tea.

    A friend of mine used to put her Sunday beef joint in hers on a Saturday night so that when she got up on Sunday it was all cooked and ready and all she had to do was cook the veg later and reheat the beef. Never tried it myself though.
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    Since this thread started it has prompted me to get out my old tower slow cooker. I also have chucked in a whole chicken in the morning and its all cooked when I get home from work. Also cooked a whole gammon joint at the weekend. Both will keep us going with cold meats for the week. Lot more economical than buying packet ham/chicken etc.

    Shame the turkey won't fit in it for christmas :-/
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    ............and it's great for mulled wine too. Hic ;)
    Has anyone got a recipe for this?

    I love Lillibet's idea of giving this as a gift.
    When life hands you a lemon, make sure you ask for tequilla and salt ;)
  • I use mine to cook joints.

    you can buy smaller joints (which are cheaper) and you do not have to keep baisting them.

    Joint of beef comes out very tender.
  • Yes, joint of beef cooks lovely, I cook it with an oxo, red wine, worcester sauce and water. It makes lovely tasty gravy when thickened with cornflour at the end of cooking.
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