Making chicken feed of my mortgage

Hello :wave:

After reading lots of inspirational MFW diaries I have decided to start one of my own as a record of my progress and to keep me motivated.

When we relocated to our current house 4.5 years ago we gained a bedroom but more than doubled our mortgage:eek:
Luckily Mr MWC had a very generous 4-year relocation package and even luckier it was paid out in full when he was made redundant 6 months later…

A little about the mortgage…

July 2002

Original mortgage (interest only)
4.49% fixed rate
Redemption date = July 2027

April 2008

Further advance (repayment)
5.62% fixed rate
Redemption date = April 2028

October 2012

Original mortgage (interest only)
2.50% BMR
Redemption date = April 2028

Further advance (repayment)
2.50% BMR
Redemption date = August 2026

We have been paying £134/month into a S&S ISA for the past 10 years to pay off the capital on the interest only mortgage - fingers crossed. Note to self: check performance of S&S ISA.

We made our first OP of £2,750 to the FA last November and this year we have OP’d the equivalent of paying the FA twice a month, every month :j:j

A little about me…

41 years old
0 children
7 chickens
Work FT in a job that bores me to tears but pays well and allows me to finish at lunchtime on Fridays

A little about Mr MWC…

Happy to OP as long it doesn’t affect our lifestyle
Recent convert to topcashback

Today I have…

Sold 2 boxes of eggs @ £1.25/box
Shined my sink (after scrubbing it and bleaching it first)
Made sausage, barley & kale stew for dinner :drool:
Been unable to locate a dividend cheque for £265 that came in the post last week…:doh:

Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
Mortgage-free: January 2021
Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)


  • Good luck on becoming MF!

    (I'm still a Mortgage Wannabe - saving for the deposit!)
  • BookWorm
    BookWorm Posts: 2,462
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    Best of luck on your MFW journey! :)
  • Thanks for the good luck messages Domino and BookWorm.

    Today I have:

    Walked into town
    Opened a Loyalty Saver a/c at the BS ("disputing" how longer I have been a member - they say 14 years, I say 25+ years!)
    Bought cheap mealworms and sunflower seeds for the chickens
    Done 2 loads of laundry
    Made spiced crab apple jelly for my Christmas hampers
    Made chocolate brownies
    Spent an hour pottering in the garden - picked yellow baby plum tomatoes and raspberries
    Cleaned the conservatory
    Shined my sink :D

    Mr MWC made 5 root soup with bacon for lunch and Bengali butternut squash and chickpea curry for dinner. Yum!
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
  • Good morning.

    Today we are going on a guided fungal foray. Free for me, £5 for Mr MWC as organised by my employer's S&S club (costs me £12/year but more than pays for itself). Forager's nip (HM sloe gin and blackcurrant vodka) and the brownies I baked yesterday are packed.

    We'll have to pay £2.50 for parking and then we are planning to find a pub for lunch.

    Have a great Sunday everyone.
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
  • Sepa74
    Sepa74 Posts: 962 Forumite
    Welcome to the site, MWC... I am so jealous of your mushroom foray today, and if you're in the south at least, the weather is wonderful for that sort of expedition.

    Have a great day!
    Borrowed £150,000 in an offset tracker mortgage in May 2007 - MFD May 2041 (67)

    Jan 2012 - £125,620.02 / 2,913.87 / Nov 2032 (58) :beer:
    Apr 2012 - £122,901.88 / 3,170.91 / Jul 2032 (58)
    Jul 2012 - £122, 589.02 / 3,507.99 / Sept 2032 (58)
    Oct 2012 - £120,476.31 / 3,889.42 / July 2032 (58)
  • lvm
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    Welcome to MFW!!

    Your job sounds like mine too - I hate it but I get the advantage of working from home so I just grin and bare it for the time being.

    You sound like a couple of quite adventurous cooks (to me anyway!)...I'd love to be able to do things like that - maybe when I become a lady of leisure (I can dream!!)

    Anyway, good luck on paying off the mortgage!
  • I've had a lovely day today :j

    The fungal foray was a big success - between us we found 50+ different fungi in 2 hours... and some of them were even edible! Mr MWC was the only person to find chanterelles :D You're right Sepa, the weather was perfect. Then we went to lunch with friends and it was their turn to pay, so a cheap day out :)

    4 eggs from The Girls today. The best I can hope for at the moment is 5/day as 2 of the older chickens are moulting and have stopped laying for the winter.

    For tea we had a big bowl of padron chillies (a freebie from my brother's allotment) fried and sprinkled with sea salt and the leftover soup from yesterday.

    I'm not sure that we're that adventurous lvm - after reading this diary for a couple of weeks, you'll see that we get quite repetitive. We're definitely greedy though and spend an absolute fortune on groceries!

    My sink is still shiny :D I often struggle to multi-task in my personal life so I can have a spotless house or perfect garden or diet/exercise or have a hobby but I tend to get obsessive about one thing and the others go to pot (although at the moment everything seems to have gone to pot...)

    The weekend is almost over and I have to go back to work :(
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
  • No NSD here today... but I have plenty of lame excuses why I spent £15.50 instead of the 50p I needed to... is there a *rolls eyes* smiley?!

    Another 4 eggs today.

    Venison sausages (from the freezer) for dinner roasted with the leftover root vegetables from Saturday and juniper berries.

    My sink is still super shiny :D
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
  • Nearly a NSD but I took FIL's dog to the vet - £24 for a consultation :eek:

    I have a plan to make some money though... a colleague was saying that he was having to throw out loads of stuff (DVDs, designer clothes etc) because there was no room to store anything in his new flat and he couldn't be bothered to sell it himself... so I offered to sell it for him... with a 50:50 split :D

    My S&S ISA is actually a mortgage-linked equity plan. I received a review/statement in the post today. The fund has a current value of £21,848.85 but a projected shortfall (at 7% growth) of £1,950 in 15 years time :( At 5% growth the potential shortfall is £19,950 :eek::eek::eek:

    Yummy dinner again today - Mr MWC made roast acorn squash stuffed with squash, bacon & thyme risotto and gremolata. And he washed up as well - what a star :kisses3: I will have to check out the shininess of his sink though!

    Only 3 eggs today.
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
  • Today I have:

    Sold 3 boxes of eggs @ £1.25/box
    Defrosted HM spag bol for dinner
    Shined my sink after picking out yesterday's risotto...

    Only 3 eggs again today.

    Tomorrow I am:

    Going to New York!!!

    Flight was on sale and booked via TCB, hotel and transfers are free as accompanying Mr MWC on his business trip and I had a fistful of dollars anyway :money:
    Mortgage at highest (April 2008): ~£195,000
    Mortgage-free: January 2021
    Retired: June 2022 (186 months early!)
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