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BEWARE - Corgi HomePlan



  • ellyell
    Avoid this company. I had to cancel after 5 months and was charged £30 cancellation fee plus 50% of the costs of a call out. The call out engineer was abysmal, fitted the wrong part, I couldn't get him to come back with the right part (though this was eventually sorted after a couple of months). This is NOT a good company......
  • JReacher1
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    ellyell wrote: »
    Avoid this company. I had to cancel after 5 months and was charged £30 cancellation fee plus 50% of the costs of a call out. The call out engineer was abysmal, fitted the wrong part, I couldn't get him to come back with the right part (though this was eventually sorted after a couple of months). This is NOT a good company......

    It's a 12 month contract. That's quite clearly stated when you sign up. You're paying for an annual service which you used and then tried to cancel after 5 months. Being charged both £30 and half the cost of the callout seems more than fair.
  • jturton

    I was looking for advice having come up against a problem with Corgi Homecare and thought I'd post into this forum.

    I took out Corgi Homecare cover at £16.99 per month which includes an annual service. This started in Feb 2012 which meant it was over 12 months before there was my first annual service however this did take place earlier this year and at that point I would consider that the boiler was working correctly and fault free.

    On Wednesday (6th Nov '13) I noticed water leaking from my Vokera condensing boiler and rang Corgi HomeCare. An engineer did contact me pretty quickly and a visit was arranged for Thursday.

    Engineer arrived and started to investigate. The problem was quite major - water appears to have been leaking for some time and corrosion has caused a part to fail but also damaged over part of the boiler. The engineer advised not to use the boiler, took photos and suggested the boiler might be beyond economical repair but would speak to Corgi.

    I rang Corgi on Friday and asked for an update - my call was returned later that day with a request from Corgi for me to provide evidence that prior to Feb '12 the boiler had been under a service contract and maintained and if I didn't provide that information then Corgi would not effect any repair. I was obviously annoyed with this and requested a manager call me back but I would provide what information I could - which I did although the information wasn't complete. I have again spoken to Corgi today and Corgi now have the info I have but will still not do any work and I am now waiting for British Gas to provide me with my full service history from 2009 to 2012.

    My main issue is that the problem with the boiler, based on the discussion with the engineer who came to look at the boiler on Thursday, is that the problem has been there for some time and certainly have been evident when Corgi undertook the annual service earlier this year. Therefore Corgi should fix / replace my boiler as they have earlier this year visited and in essence confirmed my boiler is working ok.

    I currently have no heating but luckily do have hot water.

    Overall totally dissatisfied with Corgi - just hope that this issue can be resolved or I face a bill for a new boiler - or a major repair.
    yep loads of horror stories from Corgi too.. gosh what is happening in the UK... Would expect this from Cambodia
  • Keith1953
    Took out Corgi HomePlan policy Feb 12. Read all T&Cs and in particular need to service annually was not stated or in anything they sent but believed I had signed up for a service to include an annual service. Seems not as they had loaded my premium quote as lived within M25, and this therefore looked more like the cost of service incl boiler service . May 2012 offered enhanced cover to include drainage. Seems at this point they sneaked in new T&CS which introduced need to have annual service or cover did not apply as we have now found. They did nothing to draw a attention to this and will not accept they should have. Boiler problem last week and engineer came after 24 hours as a result submitted a report advising economical way forward was to replace boiler which cover offers if your boiler was less than 7 years old at time cover taken and max 12yrs old at claim. CHP never contacted us so with no heating and family freezing phoned them after 30 hours to be told they wanted to see Servicing history of boiler. Could not locate paper evidence of servicing so simply they said not doing anything more. Several letters but no movement re their decision. Very rude customer services guy ' Ben' but later staff more pleasant. Now looking can see this outfit has a dodgy past using Corgi name when they were not any part of corgi. Since they have had judgements against them which ended up in them paying for a license from Corgi but still they have been adjudged to be misleading customers claiming 40 yrs in gas industry when established 3 years only! Really wish never went with these Scotland bases cowboys and suggest British Gas/ Worcester Bosch instead. BEWARE wasting your money
  • Jensilou
    Unfortunately, I'm learning the hard way that this company are very happy to take your money but are totally useless at getting anything fixed. It's now been 48 hours since my boiler stopped working, and we have no heating or hot water, and still no engineer has even been to see it! Apparently they are all busy. And there is no complaints/escalation department?? Maybe they don't need one?! Or maybe its cause they'd need more staff than they currently have just to deal with the complaints?! It's disgraceful they can leave you without heat/water this long in such cold weather :-( Terrible, terrible company. Shouldn't be allowed to continue. Please avoid them!
  • HipHopLil
    I was seriously considering switching to Corgi who seem to offer so much for so little compared to British Gas for my boiler servicing and other home cover. I am so glad I read Martin's Newsletter today and decided to ask a question about Corgi - after reading the threads I don't need to ask - I shall stick with British Gas. Thanks everybody.
  • nickih17
    nickih17 Posts: 1 Newbie
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    Recommend you keep well away from this company.

    The staff on the phone and emails are rude, do not deal with queries properly, send engineers who don't diagnose correct problem then Corgi blame customer for time it takes us to contact them again, they come out to do supposed service (they forgot the first year I paid for it!) leave room filthy break things and leave faults. The engineers blame their equipment for not providing readouts of stats on the printers and when you complain you get nowhere.

    They also left me without heating and hot water for weeks with a young child as they couldn't say when they would return and couldn't use my heating as that was only way hot water worked and if had it on and they came to repair it they couldn't tell if fault repaired!

    I traced a director Caitriona Bernadette Deakin but she has no visible email or contact details other than through corgi or a mail forwarding company.


    I have changed to a helpful cheaper service and maintenance plan elsewhere and there is a complete difference in how to treat customers and from the complaints online about Corgi suggest others do the same don't waste your money on them.

    Have copied this into my email to them regarding last visit where same engineer failed miserably again (re the above) and they refused to correspond anymore, that says it all.

    Lets hope that all these poor reports on the company hit them in the pockets and more customers leave as we are doing.
  • rghoshroy
    Thank you - this is why I find forums so useful before any purchase. I was about to sign up for a new boiler with Corgi Home Plan but after reading the posts here, I am definitely going elsewhere.

    Thank you again.
  • Ellie2758
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    Thank goodness for this forum. A disabled relative got a tempting letter from this company in the post this week and was about to sign up, fooled by the Corgi name.

    Thank you so much fellow moneysavers.
    Ellie :cool:

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