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  • bmewsd
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    cubeen wrote: »
    Fair enough, above would naturally apply to all online storage services. No one said storing sensitive data in the cloud is reasonable (as no one can guarantee 100% security and reliability). Unless its encrypted on my machine before sending I would not store sensitive data in the cloud- anywhere else than on my drive for that matter. For all other files I think it's perfect.

    For those concerned: Wuala offers online storage that encrypts all data prior to upload (5 GB free)

    For all the rest: Currently copy increased initial storage on signing up to 15 GB free + 5 GB extra when using an invite from someone (mine here: ) = 20 GB free.

    Indeed it is applicable to ALL online services. Encryption of data in flight is also useful. Most folk honestly wouldn't think about it. They post stuff online or send emails (which are NOT secure) so encrypting their stuff before it's transmitted is really an afterthought. As for the get up to 20GB if you invite loads of people. Again, it's all about monetising the service. It seems to be European based which is a good thing UNLESS they start storing your stuff in the US or have a US parent company.

    They're also NOT that cheap once you go above your free allocation. There are cheaper UK based services that also offer encryption in flight should the user want.

    Research is the key
  • weinsteini
    weinsteini Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    I am looking for a free cloud storage solution that allows me to choose which folder(s) on my PC I want it to sync.

    Any suggestions?
  • ThirdCat
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    weinsteini wrote: »
    I am looking for a free cloud storage solution that allows me to choose which folder(s) on my PC I want it to sync.

    Any suggestions?
    DropBox (2GB free) and Sugarsync (5GB free) allow that.

    I have been using both for several years - Sugarsync to sync my work folders across two computers, iPad and iPhone, and as a form of backup, and DropBox as a collaboration tool, as well as for various iPad/iPhone apps.

    Both are very reliable.
  • beckythemadcow
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    I also have both Dropbox and Sugarsync. I found Sugarsync easier and also gives you a greater starting allowance. I am upto 12.8Gb free now. Although I would appreciate referring anyone on it as I have reached this!

    Please send me a PM if you wouldn't mind helping me out!

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  • robertoegg
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    couple of questions-->

    I have skydrive, google drive, dropbox and now copy. Does anyone know of a decent interface that could bring them all together? I am thinking of being able to move files between them all as I finalise photo album, music albums etc.

    Regarding Google, whilst away travelling, I used google to create a few new accounts simply to take advantage of their picassa service, thus backing my digi photos up every time we touched in with the internet. Similar to the question above, is there a way of bringing different google accounts together in order to take advantage of the space available to each individual account?
  • pedders_2
    pedders_2 Forumite Posts: 14 Forumite
    I know it is only photos but Flickr offer 1TB that is depending on their definition of a TB 1,000 or 1,024GB!
  • Reckless_Curiosity
    Reckless_Curiosity Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    You get 50GB free on Kim Dotcom's latest file-sharing site (this time completely legal!) (newbie, can't post a direct link sorry). Easy to use, and makes sharing photos and documents with friends so so easy. Recommended!
  • credithater_2
    credithater_2 Forumite Posts: 19 Forumite
    bmewsd wrote: »
    Unlimited speeds for download? Maybe. Upload will be limited by ISP. You need to qualify that statement. Beware that there are ongoing investigations into the previous company that this guy ran. Those users still can't access their data. Be careful.

    The unlimited speed, is as you say restricted by your ISP.
    But from the testing I have done with Sky Drive, Google, Drop box, the list goes on, it is the fastest I have used.

    The iOS app is great and with 50GB for free it is perfect for me.

    The MegaUpload site was a different setup to the new Mega.
    MegaUpload was more like a torrent site and from what I understand you could search for files from other peoples storage. This is what caused the issue with the authorities.

    The new Mega setup is encrypted and only you can see your files unless you share your encryption key by sending a link to the file you want someone to see.

    After reading about the MegaUpload court case and charges and also reviews from experts on Mega, I am not put off at all.
    It is currently a cloud storage the same as the others but for me it is faster.

    **** IMPORTANT: A note to the people who store documents containing passwords in.
    This is the same as writing them down on a post it note and giving it to your neighbour to look after!!!!
    If your bank account gets hacked or your PC is hacked, you will not have a leg to stand on if you say your passwords are stored else where.

    For Example:
    There is an iOS app that allows your to view all your finiancial accounts on one screen. Lots of people use it, but I bet no one realises it is against the terms and conditions of all the banks.
    If you lost thousands from identity theft you would not be covered.

    No third party should have your passwords or account details, whether you trust them or not.

    End of security warning :A ****
  • Twosheds
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    edited 8 August 2013 at 12:02PM
    Stick your photos on FLICKR - you get a free TERAbyte of data which is more than I'm ever going to use in my lifetime.
    1 terabyte equates to 349,525 photos of 10 megapixels.
  • Radnorsaver
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    I use MozyHome and Syncplicity with 2GB free on each. If they go bust I still have the originals on my hard drive.
    I find Dropbox a nuisance for backup storage, as it seems only to upload from the Dropbox folder on your hard drive. I don't want to have to have all my files in that folder. It is good for what it does - allowing several users to use and synchronise the same files.
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