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onspeed: anyone had any experience with the software?

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onspeed: anyone had any experience with the software?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
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DoublespressoDoublespresso Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
Recently they have been advertising heavily in the press, and the claims they make is almost too good to be true (broadband speed at a fraction of the cost)
(btw you have to have a connection such as a dial-up to start with!)

I have a laptop on a GPRS conection and this would be ideal... but am suspicious about installing software I don't know...


  • vulturavultura Forumite
    475 posts
    Someone I know via work tried it and said it seemed to improve the speed of his dialup.

    AFAIK it pre-fetches pages from sites you are viewing, so when you click the next page its already downloaded it.
  • Matt_NixonMatt_Nixon Forumite
    234 posts
    My father in law installed it, it slowed up his dial-up connection and also damaged his connection settings when I uninstalled it.
  • Paul_VarjakPaul_Varjak Forumite
    4.7K posts
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    You can get a free trial version of ONSPEED. Why not download it and see how it works for you?

    As you have a GRPS connection you will charged on how much data you download. As ONSPEED works by compression, the amount of data you download will be less so you will save money as well.

    The biggest savings are by compressing graphics - but this can lead to fuzzy images.
    Any opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
  • chegheadcheghead Forumite
    849 posts
    Onspeed uses graphic compression. It basically shows graphics in a lower resolution which gives the impression that pages load faster. Have you got plenty of RAM in yer PC? Always a good first move for dial-up.

    Onspeed Will make no difference to d/load speeds thou?
  • thelofttheloft Forumite
    1.7K posts
    There was a whole raft of discussion on a thread regarding Onspeed ages ago when it first came out. See link below. Wait for a good deal on BB !!
    "0844 COSTS YOU MORE"
  • Onspeed compresses graphics depending on your settings, typically 3 times in mid-range. It compresses mainly text-based info like these pages by a factor of 15 to 25. I've just logged on to MSE - 1334 kB so far down to 79kB. A ~200k page ( 30 posts here) on a dial-up connection takes 2 or 3 seconds. I'd call that a more than useful advantage on a mobile connection, and worth looking at even for others on bandwidth-capped broadband.
  • thanks for the replies guys, I have a few specific questions to peole who used it:
    (I use a GPRS connection on the road and a BB when at home/office)

    1) Can I easily switch onspeed service on/off - I envisage using it only for GPRS connection
    (I think)
    2) As I pay per traffic, is onspeed likely to reduce my bill due to the compression?

    3) Does uninstallation of the software leave any nasty bits behind that may disrupt other apps?

  • 1) icon in system tray with 10 element menu incl Start/Stop, Statistics, Settings, Help

    2) I'd expect so - by a factor of 3 to 10, depending on how much graphics vs text

    3) I uninstalled a previous version on a friend's, but you see above Matt_Nixon had a problem. Maybe it depends on the uninstall method; their own vs Add/Remove Programs
  • I currently run it with dial up and it does make things faster.
  • PatM_3PatM_3 Forumite
    12 posts
    I've run it with dial up as I can't get broadband here. What they don't tell you though, it doesn't work with a tuneller. Have to choose between 'em.

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